Which Electric Guitar Is Lightest?

When shopping for a guitar, the weight, the price and the quality are some of the factors you may need to consider before you part with your money. A good guitar should be lightweight and high in quality. Often, you will need to hang the guitar on the shoulder strap and go about your business without worrying about the weight. Also, it makes dancing with the guitar less painful. Heavy guitars have great tones but will impact your back and shoulders. So which electric guitar is the lightest?

The Thinline Telecaster is the lightest electric guitar you can get on the market. It features a semi-hollow construction and comes in two square and fender versions. The guitar is lightweight, and you can play it for a longer period without getting fatigued.

Of course, the weight is a great consideration when planning to buy a guitar for live concerts. However, you also need to consider the quality since you need a guitar that can withstand the trials of a guitarist’s life. As a guitarist, there are a lot of tribulations you are likely to go through. Some of them may be nerve-wracking and so you need a light-weight quality guitar that will give you service for a longer period. Continue reading to see what makes the Thinline Telecaster the best lightweight guitar you may need to consider buying.

Thinline is made of a semi-hollow guitar with a telecaster body cavity. The guitar was designed in German in 1968. It replaced the standard telecaster guitar in use in the 1960s. However, it was believed to be too heavy hence the need for a lighter version. 

Currently, we have many versions of the Telecaster Thinline. There is the Mexico and the Japan versions and the American-made Telecaster Thinline.

China produced a cheaper Thinline design that still featured the hollow construction and F hole. Here are the details of some of the telecaster Thinline guitars.

1990s Telecaster Thinline

It was based on a 1969 telecaster Thinline but had most of the features you will find on the American Standard series manufactured from 1986 to 2000. The guitar was brought to the market in 1998 but discontinued in the 2000s.

The FRS American Vintage Telecaster Thinline

They were manufactured in Japan and initially intended for the Japanese market. However, the guitars found themselves in the American market.

Fender Cabronita Thinline Telecaster

The version was built in a Mexican plant between 2012 and 2013

Squier Thinline Telecaster

It features a semi-hollow body and is slim and player-friendly. The guitar is C-shaped with steel saddles that allow for precise adjustment.

The squire Thin line telecaster comes in many versions:  The vintage Series Thinline Telecaster, Vintage Modified series, classic vibe Thinline Telecaster and master Series Thinline Telecaster. The vintage-modified series features a mahogany body with aesthetic looks.

Of course, there are more Lightweight Electric Guitar models you may need to choose from; however, the Thin line telecaster is the lightest of all, thanks to its hollowed body. The latest version is lighter with an improved resonance wood that gives it the lightweight features. It is one of the guitars you can strap around the shoulders and play. It is solid in quality but a nice choice for live shows.

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