Ranking Every Episode Of ‘Flight of the Conchords’

I have made a habit of ranking every episode of a given show in a given season. It’s something I enjoy, and a way to catalog the ebbs and flows of a series’ run. This time, I am going to do something slightly different, and rank every episode in a show’s entire run. Granted, that’s because it’s only 22 episodes. The show in question? Flight of the Conchords. I was a big fan of the show, loving the first season and really digging the second one as well, if not quite as much. The HBO show made musical comedy actually work for me, and that’s not easy. Here is my complete ranking of every Flight of the Conchords episode.

22. “Unnatural Love”

21. “A Good Opportunity”

20. “Prime Minister”

19. “The Actor”

18. “Drive By”

17. “Murray Takes it to the Next Level”

16. “New Zealand Town”

15. “The Third Conchord”

14. “The New Cup”

13. “Evicted”

12. “Wingmen”

11. “Love is the Weapon of Choice”

10. “The Tough Brets”

9. “Girlfriends”

8. “Mugged”

7. “Bret Gives Up the Dream”

6. “Sally Returns”

5. “What Goes on Tour”

4. “New Fans”

3. “Sally”

2. “Yoko”

1. “Bowie”

Man, what a show. In the course of its run it didn’t have a single episode that didn’t at least hit the level of “pretty good.” At the same time, I can totally understand why they ended the show’s run. The second season is decidedly a step down from the first season. There isn’t a single great episode in season two. If you know the show, you’ll notice my top-nine episodes are all from the first season. Not only that, they are nine of the first 10 episodes of a 12-episode season.

That’s the tricky thing about doing a show built around music to such a degree. Flight of the Conchords, the band, existed before the show. Jemaine and Bret had preexisting songs to use during the first season. For the second season, they needed to write more songs, along with more comedy, all while starring in the show as well. That could easily burn you out.

I am totally fine with only getting 22 episodes of Flight of the Conchords. Jemaine and Bret probably saw the writing on the wall and got out before it started to lag. Sometimes, that’s the smart thing for your legacy.

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