Jeff Krammer and Renee Peterson’s Legacy X Salt7 Event Was A Huge Success 

Philanthropy is a great way to help communities and also restore faith in humanity. It is more than just developing a sense of unity, philanthropy is the social responsibility of every human who is capable of helping those who are in need. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is a philanthropic organization that is on a mission to help children and adults suffering from blood cancer.

The Man and Woman of the Year Campaign is a contest that is encouraging people in South Florida to participate in fundraisers to earn the coveted title. The man and woman who raise the maximum funds in this philanthropic competition will become Man and Woman of the Year. Jeff Krammer and Renee Peterson have been nominated for this competition and the duo has formed a strong team.  

Jeff Krammer is a renowned entrepreneur in South Florida owning a business empire comprising real estate and social media advertising agencies. Jeff has overcome a sea of challenges in his personal life and realizes that philanthropy brings peace of mind and positivity in life. Now that he has an opportunity to work for a noble cause, Jeff is all set to make the most out of it. Renee Peterson is also an accredited outstanding individual in South Florida. She is a captain for the Broward Sheriff’s Office where she has spent many years serving the community. Jeff and Renee have been organizing successful fundraisers across South Florida since they entered the philanthropic competition with LLS. Their recent fundraiser with local businesses Legacy & Salt7 deserves a special mention here. 

Legacy & Salt7 helped host an event on March 13, 2022. The event became a much-talked-about social gathering for all of South Florida. It encouraged support from several top brands and also helped the community building by bringing people together for an important social cause. Legacy hosted a 1-hour PIT training session in this event that not just allowed people to exercise but also made way for some fun. Following the amazing workout, Salt7 provided brunch & complimentary drinks to all participants. This allowed everyone to mingle and relax while raising money & awareness for a great cause. 

More than the coveted title, the duo is working for a cause that they believe can help millions of people live a better life. Their good intentions are evident in the hard work they are putting in to make every fundraiser event more successful than the previous one. 

With only a couple more weeks left until the winners are announced, Jeff and Renee have already set the benchmark higher for other candidates. Apart from events, the duo has also started a digital campaign on linktree where anyone can get involved in this movement with a small donation. Jeff and Renee are not only helping people develop a sense of community through events but also extending a helping hand to people who want to be a part of this philanthropic mission from their homes.

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