Better Buckle Up – “The Masked Singer” Officially Set to Launch International Competition

Some of you may recall that ye ole pop culture pundit used to write a regular recap at Vents for episodes of the ever-zany and never-dull celebrity studded Fox reality series The Masked Singer. For what it’s worth, I always enjoyed this show: It felt like it existed within the zeitgeist of our times only because some high ranking executive at Fox in charge of programming lost a hefty bet. To be for sure, as one masked celebrity after another paraded out onto center stage and shredded what little might be left of their dignity and their A-List standing, my stockpiled wine collection quickly diminished. I had learned the key secret in truly enjoying this 21st Century version of The Gong Show: Lots and lots of alcohol and weed.

According to our fellow Chuck Barris fans over at Variety, it might be time for me to restock my liquid and green cubbard: The Masked Singer is about to go international, spreading its peculiar form of inane hijinks to the world at large…

Entitled at this early stage One World, One Masked Singer, word ‘round industry campfire has it that this brand-new iteration of everyone’s favorite acid trip will open the doors wide in its search for disguised celebrity talent, tapping musicians and actors from around the world to compete against one another for the ultimate Masked Singer championship; think of it as a 2022 variation of Perestroika, Dear and Constant Reader.

Gifted to us by Craig Plestis, the producer of the U.S. version of The Masked Singer, this new model looks to up the ante of the original series in some unique and novel ways.

“This project has been a dream of mine since I realized that The Masked Singer was going to be a global phenomenon following the success of the format in the U.S.,” explained the ever-humble Plestis in a press release announcing One World, One Masked Singer. “It is now in more than 56 countries, and I cannot wait to gather together delegates from each and every one, in brand new costumes, for an epic competition series to air across the planet in each Masked Singer territory.” Subtle, isn’t he?

No precise word as to when we can all look forward to One World, One Masked Singer, but you can bet your last yummy bite of that Mr. Goodbar you have stashed away in your nightstand that we’ll be here to give you all of the details just as soon as they become known to us!

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