Where to download the poker game robot? ‌ and program the door robot in flop poker

Poker is one of the most attractive and money-making casino games. In poker, you can use a robot to increase your guaranteed winnings. . 

Where can we download a poker game robot?

Most sites explicitly prohibit you from using poker bots to play games for you, but that does not stop people from trying to circumvent the rules. The world is becoming more automated. Jobs, driving and unfortunately even our poker rivals are being replaced by smart gambling robots.

But why exactly are there bots on PokerStars and other poker operators and platforms? Are robots magically better in Texas Hold’em, do we even have a chance to win as humans? ربات بازی پوکر را از کجا دانلود کنیم ؟‌ و برنامه ریزی ربات در ها در فلاپ پوکر

“Poker robot” is software that plays online poker without human control or action. When a poker site is active, a poker robot runs in the background, tracking all your opponents’ actions and making decisions based on its rules, instructions and programming, as well as using additional information it has collected over time.

Robot programming in flop poker

At first, they were programmed only with pre-flop ranges from any position and some very basic post-flop games “if they make a pair or better, they bet, if they don’t check, something like that.” While these poker robots were not very sophisticated, the human game was not very sophisticated, so even simplification robots like these could make money.

As people got better at poker, more people could defeat these simple poker bots, so if they wanted to survive they had to adapt. PokerStars bats began to introduce more sophisticated strategies that people used in their games. “Like bluffing 3bet / 4bet, examining strong handles for slow-moving monsters, and being more balanced overall.”

Even today, such advanced robots are probably sweet spots in low-risk cash games with inexperienced players. Why? Any further complexity of “machine learning, artificial intelligence” requires much more computational power and a whole new setup for gradual improvements in range. Instead, these relatively simple yet powerful robots are more rule-based and weigh very little. , So they can be rotated immediately.

The era of solving poker robots

Finally, as we move into the “solving age” of poker, programmers have found a way to link solver outputs to poker bots. This can be in the form of a robot running through pre-solved solutions to find the right game, or if a computer is powerful enough to run a solver in real time.

The great advantage that poker bots have over humans is that they can “memorize” millions of pre-programmed scenarios without error; This means that when you launch a poker robot.

You can let it run and play exactly the same for hours. the end. Humans, on the other hand, start to fade after a few hours, and if they want to play Game A, they need to take frequent breaks.

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Pokerstars has a zero tolerance policy for poker bots, although some do accept aids such as head-up poker shows. If it is determined that each player is using one in their account, their account will be closed and their bank money will be confiscated. These are severe penalties for deterring people from using robots and, once identified, make it harder to restart them.

There is a dedicated security team that Pokerstars uses to pool these poker bots and remove them from the players pool. At their site, they say they have a team of 60 experts, former poker players and data scientists who use software built to identify and remove players who violate the terms of service.

One of their archery disciplines is an automated system that runs 24/7 and marks accounts for further review by their team. They say that 95% of all service breaches are initially marked by this automated process.

In addition to researching their team, players are encouraged to flag accounts they believe violate the rules. Pokerstars reviews each report using a peer review system, in which several agents review the evidence individually and make recommendations based on the results they reach.

A variety of poker game robots

Some games have more robots than others. The more complex the game, the less likely it is that robots will play. Solving games like PLO cash games is very complicated, so there are few robots in the player pool. However, games like Sit & Go’s are much simpler in terms of strategy, so you are more likely to find a robot in that game.

Download robot poker game completely free + direct link and review the types of robots in poker

While Pokerstars is dedicated to removing bots from its site, some of them may not have been identified yet. However, due to the strong stance they have taken against the robots, I believe that they constitute only a small part of the total players and should not cause public concern.

Signs of a Poker Robot

If you suspect that another account is a robot and not a human player, here are some things to keep in mind: It depends on the player and your game. If you play on zoom tables, it is very difficult to chat with another player, because they do not stay on the table for long.

They may also play a large number of spreadsheets, meaning they do not have time to focus on the chat table or respond to it. Or they may not understand the language you use to chat with them. Therefore, a player who does not chat while at the table is not a definite sign that someone is a robot, but if he answers, you can almost certainly deny that he is a robot.

One of the situations where the lack of chat is a clearer indication that an account is being robotized is in competitions. Once you have reached the final few players in a tournament, you can ask a moderator to come to the table to facilitate the deal.

In this case, before the game continues, all parties must declare whether they agree or disagree with the proposed deal. If a player does not answer any questions from the moderator or other players while the transaction is taking place, there is reason to doubt.

Bet a certain amount for each game

This one needs a little detail because it is common for players to have fixed sizes, especially preflop and flop. Most players agree that raising a certain number of Big Blinds to pre-flop and using that size for each raise is necessary to hide the exact power of your hand.

Similarly, on the flop, most players use a certain size depending on the board, and many players prefer to use the small ⅓ c-bet size. Major changes in human betting methods usually occur in turn and river. In these streets, people tend to bet according to the strength of their hand, when they have a strong hand and are trying to gain value, their size increases a little.

Robots do not have such weaknesses, and no matter what their hand is, they bet exactly the same amount on each turn and river. Also, during a session, there will be no change in their game. Over time, humans begin to get bored and make non-optimal decisions, but poker robots can make the same quality decisions, whether it is 1 or 15 o’clock.

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Some players like to grind. Some players spend most of their waking hours playing poker as long as other life events allow. Then there are the players who are always online. It does not matter when you log in to start a session, you see them sitting at a desk and spinning – they seem to never sleep!

This is a good sign that the account is being used for batting. Poker bots do not need to sleep and can be run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any effect on their game.

On the other hand, people need sleep, and physically

They can not play every hour of the day. even if

Get someone to play non-stop for a week

Slowly, you will see a big difference in the quality of his game

Because his brain is slowly getting wet.

However, not all of these accounts are robots, as some players do not care about the quality of their game at all and are only interested in the money they can earn from rakeback.

These players are quite happy that they play for hours and hours every day without thinking and do not make much money from the games, but pocket hundreds of dollars as a reward.

Download robot poker game completely free + direct link and review the types of robots in poker

When a player is faced with a decision, the complexity of that decision affects the amount of time he spends making the decision. Players are more familiar with some points than others, so when a player encounters one of those unfamiliar points, it often takes more than 30 seconds for them to make the decision they think is right. On the other hand, for simple decisions, people act almost immediately because there is nothing to think about.

For poker bots, all situations are the same and they only need to consider their planned solution. There are no deviations in their decision-making time because most computers have the processing power, which means they can make the right decision right away.

There are some robots that act instantly on every street – this is a great sign that something is on the way. However, some programmers noticed this and put a delay of a few seconds between each decision.

This in itself is a gift, as mentioned above, humans require different times depending on the complexity of the decision. If you play the role of someone who takes exactly 3 seconds for each decision, no matter what, it is probably a robot.

Strategy against poker robots

The first thing you need to do if you suspect a player is a poker robot is to report him to the site where you play. In general, robots are scary for the poker ecosystem because they take thousands of dollars from uninformed players. However, when you are in the blue moon, you will see a robot with poor planning, a robot that you can exploit and make money from.

Download robot poker game completely free + direct link and review the types of robots in poker

If you want to use a suspicious poker robot, you have to pay attention to its tendencies. How often does it fold to 3bet? How often is it folded into cbet? How often does it cbet once and how does it react to climbing after cbetting? If a robot is poorly programmed, it will react very fundamentally and predictably to these stimuli.

There have been times when I have suspected a robot with poor programming and found that if they lost, they would just fold the flap. Even if I bet a big blind, if they do not have a good pair or a draw, they fold immediately. When I find out, I try to get into the head-up pockets as much as possible with that account and only bet on the flop, and I expect them to fold most of the time.

Download robot poker game completely free + direct link and review the types of robots in poker

The key to winning against a robot is to find the part of the game that has poor planning and get into that position as much as possible. However, this requires a lot of trial and error, and given that it is possible that the robot is well-programmed – or just a regular player – it is better to just report them and let the site Deal with them.

While poker robot stories make good headlines for clicks, they are not really as widespread as people think – but if you suspect an account, be sure to report it to the site’s security team.

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