Unwind’s 7 Tips to Help Irish People Stay Calm

Stress can get the better of all of us from time to time, but it’s how you deal with it that matters.

Unwind have been providing people with help, support and advice to people in Ireland on staying calm for a number of years now. We discussed this with them and here are some of the tips we’ve come up with.

Establishing supports

Humans are not meant to go through life by themselves. You need to have people in your life that you can lean on when feeling stressed and frustrated. When you know that you are not alone, that in itself is a de-stressor. When feeling overwhelmed by stress, look for someone in your network that you can talk to. Even if the person cannot do anything, it is better to share your frustration with someone who will listen. You might end up with a new perspective on the issue or situation. Connecting with your family and friends regularly ensures you have the support when you need it. If you want to have a lasting support network, make it a win-win thing by listening to others when they need it.

Letting your support challenge you

In most cases, people get stressed because they have unhealthy thinking habits that lead to more stress. You might be tempted to talk to your support so they can see things your way because it is easy, but it is great to talk to someone who can challenge your perspective. When you are dealing with a difficult situation, it becomes easy to start thinking negatively. You should talk with someone honest with you and help you see the bigger picture. This saves you from the negative spiral of thoughts.

Counting your blessings

You should learn to look at the positives. If you keep looking at things from a negative perspective, you feel more stressed. When you start looking at the positives in your life, you become more relaxed and you won’t let the small stress overwhelm you. There are times when all you need is a little reminder. If you keep focusing on the negatives, look for ways of making the positives easier to remember. There are always a lot of positives in your life at any given time. Call your family or friend so they can remind you. You can also write down some positive truths and hang them somewhere you are going to see them daily. You can find it easy to change your perspective by seeing and hearing the truth and then letting it sink in. You should try doing anything that is going to make it easier for your to recall the positives in your life.

Avoid assuming the motives of others

If someone reacts to you in a way that leaves you feeling offended, don’t assume the worst of them. Everyone is dealing with their own stressors. The lady that is rushing by you at the grocery store is not trying to be rude, but they have an emergency. Maybe she lost track of time and their kid is at the roadside after being dropped off by the school bus. Maybe the person who is driving close to your car and honking is going to see their family member or friend in the hospital. When you make assumptions in such situations and become angry is not going to help, it just increases your stress.

Knowing your priorities

Demands from life feel endless, but you can’t do everything, if not careful, you can easily end up overscheduled and overcommitted. Between work and family and social obligations, it becomes easy to get to a point where you are just running around. When you know your priorities, you can make better decisions on how you are going to spend your time. You make it easy to say no and avoid things that make your schedule overpacked.

Picking your battles

It becomes easier to pick your battle if you know your priorities. When you engage in arguments that will end up making you feel defeated or stressed, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. It is frustrating when you come across your kid’s coats on the floor as you enter the house. and they have not picked up the mess they made a couple of days ago. Your partner left dirty dishes or bought something expensive without informing you. There are many potential battles you come across every day. You should pick your battles and focus on just one thing at a time. This will help you avoid stress, and you are going to see some progress.

Taking breaks

You need to take breaks because it is good for your body and mind. Many people feel like they have to work hard for as long as they can. Your to-do list is most likely endless and it is going to keep growing every day. There are people who try to do a lot of things on their list so they can feel like they have accomplished something at the end of the day. You need to give your mind a break. It is good to be productive, but you should try getting breaks because you will end up feeling relaxed and recharged.

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