Strange Laws in the UK and Europe: How They Compare

In the United Kingdom, there exist several strange laws that you can see here for more information. Some are entirely illogical, while others appear to be more sensible. But how do they compare? 

Let’s explore and take an insight into how some UK laws compare to those from Europe:

 You are not permitted to gamble at a library

Gambling is not allowed in any British library because it is a public space. Gambling may be a very stressful experience. The library crimes act was enacted because it would be impossible for people to focus on their studies or reading if gambling was going on around them.

Gambling, being rowdy, or using hostile or abusive language at a library were all prohibited by the Library Offense Act of 1898. It also makes failure to leave the library after the approved closing hours a crime if the offender has been adequately warned. Fines are imposed for these offences. There is no such regulation in place in comparison to other European countries.

 Importing potatoes from Poland

The Polish Potatoes Order of 2004 makes it unlawful to import into England potatoes that he knows to be Polish potatoes or has reasonable grounds to think are Polish potatoes. This official regulation forbids Polish potatoes from being imported into the UK, which can be considered a bit unique, to say the least. 

This UK law exists because it was enacted in reaction to a ring rot outbreak in Poland. It can cause discolouration and texture loss in potatoes, and it has been shown to diminish potato crop yields by up to 50% in some cases. 

The Polish Potatoes Order of 2004 requires written notification to an inspector at least two days before importation into England, and as compared to other European countries, such a law does not exist.

It is illegal for a pet to mate with another from the royal family

While it’s improbable that you’d visit a royal residence, It is unlawful for your pet to breed with a royal house pet without first obtaining permission.  This law has previously resulted in actual executions as it would have resulted in a death sentence even before 1965.

However, you’d most likely receive a fine and an uphill custody fight now. Compared to other European countries, such a law does not exist.

Driving a dirty car in Russia Will Result in Hefty Fines

This regulation, which carries a 2,000 ruble fine, has been imposed in Chelyabinsk and Moscow (30 EUR). In a city with nearly one million people, you can bet there will be some filthy cars.

This rule essentially offers officers a cause to stop you if they need ‘lunch money.’ In the United Kingdom or any other European country, such a law does not exist.

Flushing Toilets in Switzerland Late at Night

It may seem a modern thought, but flushing the toilet after 10:00 p.m and before 7 am, in some parts of Switzerland can be considered to be a forbidden act because the noise might cause a disturbance to neighbours.

However, while it’s not an official government-led act, landlords in Switzerland can have the ability to implement their own house rules as best as they see fit, and this rumoured toilet law enforcement is one of them. 

So, whatever the situation, heed nature’s call long before it’s time to retire for the night.


In conclusion, the UK has some strange laws compared to the rest of Europe and vice versa. However, most of these laws are not strictly enforced and are more for show than anything else. 

Although, if you are ever in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, it is recommended to still do your research and check what is frowned upon and what might be technically classified as either illegal or an unofficial mandated rule. 

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