Useful plants found in hill stations of India

India is known for its widespread knowledge of horticulture. One of the highlights of visiting hill stations in India is to notice the variety of flora and fauna there. India is abundant in natural foliage, and we often see them growing beautifully in the exotic hill stations. Each area has its own specialty of plants. While some people visit hill stations to admire nature’s beauty and come back satisfied, others prefer bringing a little bit of that beauty home. Today we are going to talk about some useful plants that you can encounter and hopefully bring back from your hill station trips in India. So, let’s begin.

  • Hemp Agrimony

The Hemp Agrimony is a pink flowering shrub-like plant that is found in the Himalayan region. The beauty of this plant lies in the fact that it is not just aesthetic, but medicinal as well. This plant is known to be cathartic and helps in purifying blood. The juice from this plant is used to stop bleeding and often is considered a first aid element for treks and camping sites. Apart from its obvious medicinal benefits, there is no doubt that is look stunning. It grows in bunches of tiny pink flowers that create their own little bouquet.

  • The Ganges Primrose

This pretty plant gets its name from its original location, which is the basin of the river Ganga. However, due to hybrid cultivation, it is now also found in other hill stations with similar climatic conditions. These pretty flowers are found in a variety of beautiful colors like yellow, pink, purple and even white. People often bring them back to their hometown as decorative indoor plants. They thrive quite well in ample sunlight and sufficient watering. They make lovely gifts like you get suggestions from a good Jewellery Magazine.

  • Clematis Buchananiana

Among medicinal plants, this one is quite famous. It is found near the northern states, in and around the Himalayas. The Clematis has medicinal properties to treat sinus inflammations, toothaches, and headaches. It produces pretty looking yellow flowers that give it a very soothing appearance. Having this plant in your garden helps not just to beautify the garden but also proves to be useful in treating these minor aches and pains.

  • Woodrow’s Crinum Lily

Now let’s move a little to the south to see 3what we can find there. This Woodrow’s lily is so beautiful that nature decided to make only a few of them. No wonder its rare and now endangered too. You can find this species of lily growing in and around Mahabaleshwar and other parts of Maharashtra. It requires a fairly high temperature and ample rainfall. This plant has large, white flowers that bloom during summers. They are fragrant and so having them in your garden, will create a lovely atmosphere with its fresh fragrance filling the environment.

  • Periwinkle

The Periwinkle is found among the best hill stations in Tamil Nadu. It is used to treat a variety of ailments such as throat, chest ailments, high blood pressure, water retention, vaginal discharge, etc. Periwinkle has delicate pink- or purple-colored flowers. We normally see these flowers in gardens, building compounds and even fences.

Final Thoughts

When we say useful, it could mean a variety of things to different people. Some might look for aesthetics, some for kitchen uses, while others for medicinal uses. Overall, it has some of the amazing facts that helps people. Here we have tried to include some of the best varieties that you can find in hill stations all over the country. Here’s hoping that this post was useful and now you’ll know what plants to identify and bring home from your next trip.

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