Jacob Colon Talks About The Inspiration Behind ‘Protagonista’, His Radio Show, And Upcoming Projects

Jacob Colon shows no signs of stopping. His steady rise comes from a constant stream of instant hits that sit very well with his audience. Juggling between mixing for his popular weekly radio show ‘Made To Move’ and hard-hitting releases like ‘Flippin It’ and ‘What We About’, Jacob Colon introduces this Reggaeton inspired energetic track that instantly unleashes the party. Displaying his unique vibe and sound, ‘Protagonista’ surely aims to reach every dancefloor available. Jacob Colon sat down with us to walk us through the process of working on ‘Protagonista’, and told us about his current and future projects. 

  1. Hi Jacob, how are you doing? 

I’ve been staying busy. I have a lot of new ideas that will be coming to fruition soon.  

  1. Can you walk us through the process of working on ‘Protagonista’? How did the idea start? 

That song really started out around the vocals. I started out with a few chord progressions, but it didn’t really feel right as I continued to build the song. Finally, I created the melody that stuck well, then began exploring and selecting sounds.  

  1. What are some of the track’s influences? 

The influences of this song come from Reggaeton music. I feel this track has that nice Miami Latin Afro House vibe   

  1. How does the production of the song differ to some of your other releases? 

When I made this song, I was listening to a lot of Reggaeton music from artists like Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro, so my approach to this song was a bit different with the reggaeton ideas that were in my head.  

  1. Did you experiment with new processes or sounds for this track? 

Yes. A lot of the sounds I found scrolling through, were from the Roland Cloud series since I was browsing through a lot of string instruments.  

  1. What was the idea behind having vocals in Spanish? 

I had a lot of reggaeton music in my mind at the time, so I just leaned toward that direction when I constructed the song.  

  1. How would you describe the sound of ‘Protagonista’? 

Latin House with a Dembow feel.  

  1. How is your show, ‘Made to Move’ doing? 

It’s doing very well. The show has surpassed 200,000 plays on Mixcloud and closing in on 100 episodes.   

  1. What are you currently working on? 

I have another song titled Take it that you can check out and will have additional music coming soon.  

  1. Where can we find ‘Protagonista’? 

Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, etc.  

Listen and buy ‘Protagonista’ now: 


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