Ranking Every Episode Of Season 4 Of ’30 Rock’

Given my affinity for 30 Rock, my rankings pieces for the first three seasons have surprised me a bit. Not in terms of my in-season, episode-by-episode rankings, per se. It’s more that when I have gotten to the end and looked at the seasons as a whole my overarching thought tends to be, “Yeah, OK. That was a good season of television.” In my mind, 30 Rock is a classic sitcom, but nothing so far as struck me as “classic.” Good? Absolutely. Funny? You bet. But great? Not just yet. Maybe season four will change things. It’s time to rank every episode of the fourth season of 30 Rock.

22. “Audition Day”

21. “Khonani”

20. “Sun Tea”

19. “Stone Mountain”

18. “The Moms”

17. “Klaus and Greta”

16. “Black Light Attack!”

15. “Winter Madness”

14. “Into the Crevasse”

13. “Secret Santa”

12. “Verna”

11. “Floyd”

10. “Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter”

9. “Season 4”

8. “Argus”

7. “Don Geiss, America and Hope”

6. “Anna Howard Shaw Day”

5. “The Problem Solvers”

4. “I Do Do”

3. “Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land”

2. “Future Husband”

1. “Dealbreakers Talk Show #001”

Huh. Yeah, OK. This was a good season of television. I’m in the same place. This doesn’t stand out to me as a particularly-strong season of TV. It’s good. It’s funny. However, it isn’t great. There has yet to be a great season of what, in my mind, is a great sitcom.

Now, there are great episodes in the fourth season of 30 Rock. In fact, I might even call seven of these episodes great. On the other hand, the bottom four or so episodes are pretty mediocre. Maybe, if I dig down, this is a really good season. It’s probably the best season of 30 Rock thus far. It’s pretty even with the third season. I’m still waiting for a true standout season of this show, though. There have been standout episodes, but all in all the show isn’t reaching highs on a season-to-season basis.

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