Are you having problems keeping your chimney clean? Does your chimney get dirty too often? I guess you have come to the right place in that case.

Cleaning your chimney regularly is important because it is important to maintain safety as well. If the chimney is not cleaned, creosote will build up. Creosote is a black and oily residue left behind after the wood is burnt. Creosote is combustible, and it can cause a fire in the chimney if not cleaned properly. Thus, now you know why it is essential to clean your chimney.

Here are ten easy tips that will help you to keep your chimney clean

1. Chimney Inspection

You can have your chimney cleaned once in a few months by a professional. This will help in getting your chimney cleaned without much effort of yours.These professionals do proper chimney inspection in Seattle by looking out for any creosote buildup or any soot buildup, thus getting it cleaned nicely without doing any damage. Also, a timely inspection of chimneys increases its life.

2. Do your inspection

If by chance, you cannot get your chimney  inspected, or if your budget for the year is a little low, you can choose to inspect the chimney yourself. You can use a metallic instrument and scrape the creosote away. If the creosote is thin, it doesn’t require much cleaning, but if it is thick, make sure to clean it nicely before your next use.

3.Do not overload your chimney

Make sure not to overload your chimney. Sometimes when you overload your chimney, it builds up a lot of creosote which later remains uncleaned. You can use your chimney when you need it rather than using it all the time.

4. Cool your chimney before cleaning

Yes! Allow your chimney to cool down before you start to clean. You can wait for some time so that your chimney is completely cooled down before you begin to clean it. In this case, you can clean your chimney efficiently, without getting any burns. Ensure you wear protective masks while cleaning so that the smoke doesn’t go much in your nose.

5. Keep plastic on the hearth.

Make sure you keep plastic over the hearth and also in  your surroundings. Proper cleaning of your chimney doesn’t mean you have to litter the floor. However, if you make your floor dirty, it would mean that you have to give extra effort. This will tire you out the first time, which will make you start neglecting the job the next time.

6. Clean the interior

Make sure to concentrate on cleaning the interior of the chimney. People often tend to forget to clean the interior, and a large dump of creosote stays behind. You can try using a long brush to remove and clean the scrape from the inside. Make sure to do your chimney cleaning job properly for better and longer use of your chimney.

7. Remove the logs

Make sure to remove the logs before you start cleaning, and this will help in properly cleaning the chimney. Make sure you wear gloves and other protective shields so that the toxic substances don’t directly contact your hands. Again, clearing the logs will help in better cleaning the chimney.

8. Rinse the chimney

Make sure you rinse the chimney; this will clean the chimney properly. You can use an old cloth or a sponge to clean the interiors as well as the exteriors of the chimney. You can start using the chimney after it is completely dried.

9. Select the right woods

You must select the right woods; some woods contain moisture which is not very good for your chimney. Hardwoods can be costly, but they produce more heat and burn longer.

10. Chimney caps

Make sure to check the chimney caps. It is generally covered with mesh so that animals, rain don’t enter the chimney. Make sure to inspect the chimney cap regularly, and you must replace it whenever necessary.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog, and it helps you understand how to properly clean your chimney.

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