2023 Hyundai Kona Spotted Testing, Launch Imminent. Custom Wheel Options Open!

Since it received a facelift in 2020, the Hyundai Kona has been designated as one of the strangest-looking hatchbacks. The Kona is one of the few models from the stables of the South Korean behemoth that comes with aftermarket wheels.

Actually, that claim is disputed because it has been spotted undergoing extensive testing in Sweden, and it did not have the traditional OEM rims. Instead, it was running on a set of aftermarket wheels.

 It is expected that the new Kona may launch by the end of 2022 in 2 options- hybrid and fully electric. At that time, there might be OEM options available, but there is no need for you not to experiment!

With an array of American Racing Wheels at your disposal, driving the new hatchback will be a lot more fun. It will certainly look much more stylish in a very aesthetically pleasing way. As is widely known, hatchbacks and smaller SUVs have their own segment of lovers who hate tinkling around with their ride.

A set of ESR Wheels, when bought wisely and with expert advice, can also work wonders on your vehicle. One great specialty that ESR brings with their products is the fuss-free maintenance options and hatchback-optimized designs which are meant to take on any surface.

Don’t know much about the custom wheel market? Wondering why aftermarket rims add value to the 2023 Kona?

Here are some answers.

Why use custom rims for latest hatchbacks?

Here are some ideas on why you can use (and probably should use) aftermarket wheels or custom rims on your vehicles. Remember that the Kona is more of a crossover than a pure hatchback, and it is trying to make an entry into the European markets.

Once it does, it will become one of the most affordable passenger cars by Hyundai. Currently, the Bayon is the entry-level marquee in this range, but the Kona will provide very stiff competition.

Now, here are some reasons why you can look forward to buying a set of superb American Racing Wheels and the like for your car!

  1. A progression in style: As mentioned, the car has been spotted using custom rims. There is no guarantee that they will not be replaced with staid OEM versions once the vehicle is actually launched. In that case, these rims will soon become dreary after you have used them for just a couple of years.

Aftermarket wheels guarantee you the luxury of having high-end alloy wheels which can be customized depending on the form factor and the color tone of your car. They add to the style factor and have always been important in the business of new and old cars.

This is the same for the 2023 Kona and all the rival models which will launch in the second half of 2022 and in the beginning of 2023. Once you get the right set, you will feel that the vehicle looks something akin to the Transformers movies and get the great vibes which those movies give off!

  • Increases the vehicle’s resale value: Whenever you have acquired a set of ESR Wheels and have redecorated your vehicle, you will realize that the vehicle not only looks better, it also has increased in its resale value. This is an aspect which is often overlooked and need to be frequently mentioned.

Remember that unbranded wheels will not do much to increase the resale price, however. Unbranded rims do not have that certificate of quality that is a hallmark of American Racing Wheels and a lot of other major manufacturers.

In effect, purchasing unbranded rims is tantamount to buying death traps. Because they are made with inferior materials with negligible quality control, they perform very poorly. They will also not meet the performance criteria set in the next point.

  • Gives your vehicle off-roading capabilities: The Kona is not meant for off-roading. It is a suburban vehicle, meant to traverse the paved roads across the country. But with the right set of aftermarket wheels, they can take on some extra capabilities too.

Do not be fooled by clever sales pitches that your small car will become an ATV once you have outfitted it with the best custom rims in the market. It is not possible.

But you will definitely notice some major changes in the handling and navigation characteristics available for the Kona and other cars of the same size. This is something that is because of the unique nature of high-quality aluminium rims and other effects.

When you invest in a set of quality ESR Wheels, you are creating more opportunities for yourself in the future. Who knows, you might just transform into an adrenaline junkie who lives for the ride, and not the other way around.

Final words

It is undeniable that aftermarket wheels are usually a lot more expensive than typical wheels on any given day. But the advantages they provide are second to none, meaning that they can do what few other rims can.

So, buy HQ brands and make your drives more interesting. Happy motoring!

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