Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Registering Your Brand On Amazon

Sellers often face phoney issues where the third party changes the product content. To overcome this, Amazon Brand Registry was introduced. It is a program that allow sellers to have more stability and control over their brand by using enhanced reporting tools. 

It also prevents other third-party sellers from mimicking your products on the marketplace. eStore Factory is one such Amazon consulting agency that helps sellers get their brand registered on Amazon.

Amazon Brand Registry also provides access to predictive automation, image search, proprietary text, and other reporting tools to create a trusted and authentic experience for the consumers. 

The steps of registering your brand on amazon are as follows:

Step 1: Analyze eligibility criteria

An active registered trademark from the country you wish to work in is a must-have. A trademark application filed via Amazon IP Accelerator is also acceptable. The trademark of the brand can be either image-based (with letters, numbers, and words) or text-based (only words). After getting an active registered trademark for the brand, you should also have the ability to verify yourself as the rightful owner of the designated agent of the trademark and lastly, an existing or new amazon account is needed.

Step 2: Signing in to Amazon Brand Registry

After fulfilling the eligibility requirements, sign in to the Amazon seller brand registry using the new or existing vendor credentials. The benefits and features linked to Seller and Vendor Services will be enabled to access after implementing the same username and password. 

Step 3: Enroll your brand

You need to provide some information to qualify for Amazon Brand Registration such as 

  1. Name of your brand that has an active registered trademark. The trademark must be visible in the product packaging.
  2. The trademark number should be government registered or provided by the Intellectual Property Office.
  3. A list of product categories should be provided describing which fits the brand better such as electronics, clothing, accessories, house decors e.t.c. 
  4. The list of locations where the brand is distributed or manufactured. 

The benefits of Amazon Brand Registry are:

  1. Accurate brand display– The customers get to see authentic information regarding your product or your brand.
  1. Additional Proactive Brand Protection– The more transparent you are to Amazon’s brand registration team, the more protected your brand will become. It implements additional proactive protection to remove bad listings.
  1. Brand Building Benefits– Advance tools such as Brand Dashboards, Sponsored Brands and Brand content helps the business to build and grow on Amazon.
  1. Powerful Search and Report Tools– Various search tools are used to eliminate potential violations such as image search, global search, Bulk ASIN search, sort view of customer ratings.


Amazon has an excellent team of investigators globally that is available 24*7 to respond to queries and take actions on potential infringement so it is highly advisable that the manufacturers or brand owners apply to the Amazon Brand Registry program. The benefits and features provided will help you protect your brand. 

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