Sour Diesel autoflower seeds Review

Light up the strain that ignites your inner fire when you harvest Sour Diesel autoflower seeds. This refreshing, sativa-dominant hybrid gives you a burst of energy that keeps you going for hours after the first puff. Even rappers Redman and Wiz Khalifa gave this cultivar high praise.

Kickstart your day the right way with a boost of motivation to tackle any tasks ahead of you. Autoflower Sour Diesel seeds give birth to crops with high THC levels and sticky, resinous buds that carry a mix of sour citrus and fuel flavors.

Growers with more experience fare better with these plants, as they require more care and attention to reach their full potential. Plant Sour Diesel autoflower seeds in the right environment indoors or outdoors, and get phenomenal results in under ten weeks.

Keep reading to discover the effects and flavors of this strain, along with a growing guide for the best outcomes. You’ll also find out the best place to buy these seeds.

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds description

If you’re worried about limited space for your crops, stop worrying now. Autoflower Sour Diesel seeds don’t grow exceedingly tall, reaching just over 3 feet when they mature. Tightly packed nugs filled with resin stretch out, showing their glory to the world.

Their versatile, airy structure makes them ideal for growing indoors and outdoors. Achieve multiple harvests per season thanks to their fast flowering time, and anticipate high yields of hard-hitting buds. Click here to find out more about this strain, or read on.

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds grow into plants with long, thin internodes evenly spaced out to promote better airflow. Their compact, airy structure and narrow leaves mean they can handle humid climates, but they thrive far better in warm, dry areas.

Sour Diesel autoflower effects

If Redman and Wiz Khalifa gave high praise to this cultivar’s creative and energetic effects, you know you’ve struck gold. Autoflower Sour Diesel seeds produce buds with high-ranging THC levels of 16–23% that deliver an array of spectacular effects.

Jumpstart your engines at the start of your day with a puff or two. A lightning bolt electrifies every corner of your brain, providing you with a sharp focus and boost of motivation. The buds from Sour Diesel autoflower seeds awaken the sleeping parts of your mind and chase away any feelings of stress, anxiety, or fatigue.

Reconnect with your inner muse as a wave of creativity and imagination washes over you. Set apart some spare time on the weekend to complete that work of art you’ve been meaning to see through.

The sativa side of autoflower Sour Diesel seeds ensures a constant buzz that won’t leave you feeling drowsy. The energetic effects aren’t overpowering; instead, they’re equally balanced with calming sensations that enhance cognitive functions and help you focus.

Due to the high THC content, take it easy when you smoke a joint from the harvested buds of Sour Diesel autoflower seeds. Higher doses might lead to slight anxiety and paranoia. Expect a dry mouth and red eyes, so stay hydrated with an icy drink and use eye drops if necessary.

Sour Diesel autoflower flavors

An interesting blend of flavors complements the intense effects of this strain. When you grind down the buds of autoflower Sour Diesel seeds, they smell a lot like diesel-infused fruits. Dominant kerosene notes entice your nostrils, mixed with sour citrus fruits.

When you inhale the smoke, taste the same notes swirling around your mouth. It’s like chewing on sour lemon candy, with hints of skunk-like ammonia. Sour Diesel autoflower seeds provide a delectably smooth smoke when you light up the buds.

How to germinate Sour Diesel autoflower seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds is vitally important to ensure a healthy, successful crop. There are several ways to get your seeds to sprout. The method you use comes down to personal preference and available resources.

Below are four of the best ways to germinate your Sour Diesel autoflower seeds. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and enjoy watching mother nature at work!

Paper towels

The paper towel method is the most common, trusted way to germinate seeds. You can do it using basic household items. Grab two paper towels, two plates, a pair of tweezers, distilled water, and your autoflower Sour Diesel seeds. Got them? Let’s sprout those seeds!

Step 1: Pour the distilled water into a bowl or container to dip the paper towels in. Alternatively, use a spray bottle. The goal is to moisten the paper towels just enough so they’re not soaked but still provide water to the Sour Diesel autoflower seeds.

Step 2: Place the moist paper towel on the first plate. Use the pair of tweezers to lay your seeds on the paper towel. Ensure the tweezers are sterilized and keep the seeds spread out with at least an inch of space between them.

Step 3: Lightly moisten the second paper towel and cover your autoflower Sour Diesel seeds with it. Cover them with the second plate, then move the setup to a dark, warm area. The perfect spot is inside your cupboard or clothing drawer, where there’s no light.

Step 4: Check your setup regularly to ensure the seeds remain moist. Reapply water if and when necessary. Sour Diesel autoflower seeds sprout their taproots in 1–5 days.

Step 5: Once the seeds sprout, move them to their new home in the growing medium you’ve picked out for them.

Water soaking

Take the easy way out by soaking your seeds in a glass of water, the quickest way to germinate cannabis seeds.

Step 1: Fill a see-through glass with lukewarm, distilled water. You can use a mug or other container too, but a see-through glass allows you to watch the progress.

Step 2: Drop your autoflower Sour Diesel seeds into the water and watch them sink to the bottom of the glass. You’ll know immediately that your seeds are duds if they float instead. If this is the case, throw them away or try another germination method.

Step 3: Leave the seeds to soak for about a day. Once the Sour Diesel autoflower seeds sprout little taproots, move them to their new home. Throw the seeds away if they still haven’t sprouted after another eight hours.


A natural, risk-free way to sprout your seeds is by placing them directly into the soil they’re going to grow in. This way, you eliminate the risk of harming autoflower Sour Diesel seeds because you don’t have to transplant them.

Step 1: Fill a medium-sized pot with organic soil. To save yourself hassles later, buy nutrient-rich soil that gives your seeds all the necessary nutrients.

Step 2: Sterilize the area, then use a (clean) finger to poke holes in the soil. Make the holes about half an inch deep and evenly spaced apart.

Step 3: Drop one of your Sour Diesel autoflower seeds into each hole. Use soil to fill the holes again, then spray the soil with water.

Step 4: Leave mother nature to do the rest! The seeds sprout in 4–10 days, after which you can watch them bloom into gorgeous plants. Just make sure the pH levels of the soil stay between 6.0 and 7.0.

Seed starters

You can find seed starters and plugs at your local gardening store. They provide autoflower Sour Diesel seeds with a natural environment and ideal conditions to promote healthier growth.

Gather the following:

●     1 x seed starter pack with plugs.

●     1 x seed tray.

●     Distilled or purified water.

Then, follow these instructions to get a thriving crop:

Step 1: Set up your seed tray and place the starter plugs into the slots.

Step 2: Drop your Sour Diesel autoflower seeds into the precut holes in the starter plugs. Provide them with sufficient water, then gently pinch the top of the hole so no light can get in.

Step 3: Move the tray to a safe location, away from sunlight and out of reach of pets and children.

Step 4: Once the autoflower Sour Diesel seeds sprout their taproots, safely move them to your chosen growing medium.

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds grow information

Once you germinate the marijuana seeds, the fun begins! Plant your seeds in organic soil outside or inside. Surprisingly, you get higher yields if you plant them inside and provide them with a controlled environment.

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds excel in warm, dry areas and don’t rely on a photoperiod. For the best results, follow these tips for indoor growth:

●     Use light cycles of 20/4 or 22/2 (Light/Dark).

●     Maintain stable temperatures of 70–77℉.

●     Use a Sea of Green or Screen of Green setup to maximize available space and boost bud production.

●     Water your autoflower Sour Diesel seeds and provide them with the right cannabis nutrients.

●     Use organic soil with balanced pH levels between 6.0 and 7.0.

After 8–9 weeks, harvest 12–14 oz. of resinous buds per ㎡.

Outdoor cultivation is a breeze, as this cultivar is naturally resistant to molds and pests. Sour Diesel autoflower seeds produce plants that thrive in plenty of sunlight and dry weather. Try to avoid cold, rainy weather and low humidity. Plant your seeds in movable pots to easily take them inside if you expect harsh weather and storms.

Sow your autoflower Sour Diesel seeds in late May to harvest by late October. Expect 1.5–6 oz. per plant. Avoid pruning or high-stress training, as their quick growth doesn’t leave room for recovery. Trim the plants lightly if they get too bushy.

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds genetics

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds are the offspring of Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk. They have an interesting history dating back to the mid-1990s. The rumor is that breeder Asshole Joe (AJ) accidentally crossed the two parent strains after a trip to Amsterdam.

However these seeds came about, we’re grateful for their legendary genetics. Autoflower Sour Diesel seeds rank third in the High Times list of Best Strains of All Time. Recreational and medicinal users enjoy the uplifting, therapeutic benefits, and some rappers love smoking it in the studio.

Where to buy Sour Diesel autoflower seeds

Now that you know what thrills await you, where do you find the best Sour Diesel autoflower seeds? Well, we’ve narrowed the search down for you and found the perfect place: Homegrown Cannabis Co.

They offer a huge selection of premium-quality cannabis seeds, with easy and efficient online shopping and fast, discreet delivery.

Order a pack of autoflower Sour Diesel seeds from them today, and they’ll arrive at your door in a few days. Cannabis legend Kyle Kushman backs Homegrown Cannabis Co., and he provides many fun and educational videos and guides on the website.

Ignite your inner fire with Sour Diesel autoflower seeds

Looking for the spark to ignite your fire? Look no further than Sour Diesel autoflower seeds. Once you harvest and smoke the buds, your internal engines will receive a massive boost for the entire day.

With delightful flavors and soothing, energizing effects, this is not a strain you want to miss out on. High Times named it the third-best strain for a reason. Order a pack of autoflower Sour Diesel seeds and ignite your inner fire today!

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