Electronic duo Ready, Steady, Die! drop new single “Kiss It”

About Ready, Steady, Die!

Combining sounds and artists from across the pond, electronic duo Ready, Steady, Die! is here to destroy your expectations. New York-based composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Morgan Visconti respectfully brushes his pop’s name off his shoulder with an enhanced ear for more modern sounds. He lobs up crafty gems for his powerhouse partner, London-based Sam K, to belt into oblivion or whisper into seduction. The team combines a clever approach to themes from modern life with a raw irreverence for what your mom thinks is appropriate for you to listen to – which probably doesn’t include their upcoming LP Accidents. But you know what, mom?- we say feed that rebel soul.

About “Kiss It”

The third in a procession of singles trumpeting up to Accidents, RSD’s new song “Kiss It” might be dangerous to play at work. Not only does Sam K ooze sensuality through borderline raunchy lyrics, but the composition takes us from staccatoed synth-y foreplay to full-out orgiastic big-boy bass runs under soaring distorted arpeggios that’ll have you feeling like a middle-schooler all over again. (Textbooks on your lap, catch my drift?) This song could be a ballsy anthem for sex positivity, or it could just spice up a night at home. Either way, it’s bound to set you in some kind of mood.

for more information check out readysteadydie.com.


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