Which Are The Most Profitable New NFT Projects For 2022? 

How to trade in NFTs economically requires knowing where to hunt for slightly elevated NFT drops. The explosive growth of the NFT business has allowed for the birth of many fascinating new NFT projects. Many of these projects represent enticing investment opportunities for savvy investors who spot them early.

This article will explore the hottest new NFT projects in the year and, the top upcoming NFTs, and where to trade in these commodities today – without any transaction cost.

A Closer Inspection Over The Best New NFT Projects For 2022

Choosing the ideal NFT project to invest in is not always easy. As technology advances, new NFT initiatives emerge. Nfts-based upoin projects like ethereum, polkadot, solana, and EOS provide unique products and benefits including digital real estate, passive income, and more. So you can learn more about each project.


VeeFriends is a great place to start if you’re wondering how to begin investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  • The creator

Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee), a marketing expert with a sizable social media following, has launched an NFT project called VeeFriends. From the VeeFriends Marketplace, a total of 10,255 NFTs can be purchased for Ethereum.

  • Leverage for owners

VeeCon, a multi-day commercial event focused on entrepreneurship, inventiveness, and innovation, is open to VeeFriends NFT owners. Due to the popularity of GaryVee’s business events, getting a seat at one via a VeeFriends NFT has proven to be extremely valuable.


The finest metaverse coin investors are probably already aware of Decentraland.

  • A quick brief

Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual environment where users may build their own personas and buy virtual land. Decentraland’s universe is designed as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), allowing users to fully control governance.

  • MANA & supported commodities 

All critical digital assets in Decentraland are NFTs. This includes LAND, clothes, beauty products, and more. These NFTs can be exchanged with over traders utilizing MANA, the world’s native token. Furthermore, cryptocurrency investors can buy MANA to invest in Decentraland’s growth.

  • The future potency

Inevitably, Decentraland’s environment holds limitless opportunities while freeing users to do whatever they want with their virtual territory. Advertisers are already noticing Decentraland’s potential for creating virtual billboards in the metaverse.

Slotie NFT 

  • Short overview 

SLOTIE is indeed an ethereum-based NFT initiative built by Elia Software and designed to give holders 80% of the commissions it makes from Slotie-themed slot games that are played in crypto casinos.

  • Benefits for investors 

-Route for passive income 

An NFT is a cooperation between investors, casinos, and Elia Systems. Casinos pay participants a commission of 12% of the slot machine income for implementing and selling high-quality gaming systems.

-NFT staking 

By integrating NFTs towards the slot machines, the Slotie community has become the house. It’s like DeFi gambling, in which you can put any of the NFTs into a slot machine and get high returns.

-Creating a breed of your own 

Machines can breed in NFT. Slotie proprietors can breed existing Sloties to make Junior Sloties. Having a Junior Slotie doubles the Slotie owner’s profit. To breed, you need 1800 WATTs & 2 Sloties.

  • Future potency

Sloties are newcomers to the market who are attempting to use blockchain technology in gambling. Sloties give holders access to Defi Gambling. Holding a Slotie NFT is a joint venture between holders and casinos. Around 150 casinos feature slot machines.

Satoshi Runners 

  • Brief overview

It is a compilation of 7,777 cyberpunk-themed non-fungible tokens which aims to blend digital art and investing rewards.

  • Traits 

The art is animated and depicts individuals with distinct personalities and weapons. To make the digital art as appealing as possible, the development team has already worked with renowned NFT entrepreneurs and Bored Ape Yacht Club members.

  • Ultimate mission 

The Satoshi Runners team aspires to develop a thriving community of like-minded participants, with over 20,000 users on the Discord server. The Satoshi Runners collection is supported by a staking and breeding mechanism that allows NFT owners to earn recurring cash from their assets. The dev team also wants to release more collections, giving current NFT owners first access to new drops.

  • Upcoming plans

In the near future, Satoshi Runners roadmap includes ambitions to buy electronic land onto Sandbox and Decentraland, two popular metaverse ventures in the crypto market. Plans include a 3D Satoshi Runners gallery that could tie with these metaverse ventures. It appears to have a great career ahead of it, which makes it a best rated new NFT project to invest in.

Axie Infinity

  • History 

Axie Infinity was introduced in 2018, but has just recently gained pace, and seems destined to explode this year. Axie Infinity is indeed an Ethereum-based online reality where consumers may own breed ‘Axies’ – unique in-world creatures.

  • Transactional methods

Transactions are made using $AXS, Axie Infinity’s native token. Big investors can also acquire Axie Infinity to participate in the virtual world’s expansion. Axie Infinity’s mix of investing options and virtual games appeals to a wide range of people.

  • Growth probability 

Axie Infinity offers a play-to-earn (P2E) component where gamers can battle other users’ Axies for rewards. The winner receives $SLP, the ERC-20 token traded on big cryptocurrencies platforms. As more individuals join the platform, the earning potential increases, and it makes the Axie Infinity brand currently generating so much market hype.

The Bottom Line

This year’s top new NFT projects have been highlighted in this NFT guide, showcasing their strengths and revenue potential. Thus providing a better position to make long-term investment decisions if you know which new NFT ventures have the most promising future.

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