What Is Mesotherapy and How Long Does Results Last?

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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy involves injections of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and plant extracts with fine needles into mesoderm (or middle layer of the skin). It helps to rejuvenate and tighten skin, while it also can eliminating fat deposit and diminish cellulite.

Mesotherapy is used to treat:

  1. unwanted body fat from areas such as the stomach, thighs, love handle, double chin, and more
  2. Minimize the appearance of cellulite
  3. Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Firming and toningthe skin
  5. Reshape the body
  6. Skin pigmentation
  7. Alopecia, hair thinning, and hair growth

Here are some examples of mesotherapy productsto be used with the injections, including vitamins with hyaluronic acid.

How Long Does Mesotherapy Results Last?

A full course of 4 mesotherapy treatment can last up to a year. Regular maintenance once a year is recommended.If skin issues is a problematic one, a course of  4 to 12 sessions are possible.  Consequently, the best way to maintain the intended outcomes is to have regular mesotherapy sessions.  If you are thinking of mesotherapy for fat burning, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a well-balanced diet will help to sustain lasting results.  To keep the benefits of mesotherapy, please consult your doctor or therapist how often treatments is required.

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