Cybershinu is on a Rise as the Underdog of NFT Collectibles

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When it comes to dog meme NFT collectibles, Cybershinu is considered one of the best up-and-coming options for individual investors.

Cybershinu aims to become the most widely recognized dog-themed token by bringing its users together. Animals and humans alike are a part of this effort’s goal. ERC-20 token Cybershinu was created to bring people together through a common love of dogs. Pre-sale of tokens for the project will take from now until March 7th.

As a service to its members, Cybershinu provides an extensive list of useful tools and resources.

$CYSHI will be available for purchase at a fixed rate of one $CYSHI per $0.005 USD during the presale period. Whitelisting and seed/early round sales will be outlawed. Because the entry fee is so low (only 0.005), everyone is treated equally. Holders will be able to access the company website after the presale period has ended in order to claim their $CYSHI. The goal of Cybershinu is to create an active and dynamic community site that is significantly different from the vast majority of current community sites by implementing this distribution mechanism.

To ensure that coin holders have full control over their NFT collectibles, Cybershinu does not charge any taxes or fees. In addition, the creators of Cybershinu decided not to tax tokens at all. Many other meme currencies impose a fee of between 5% and 15%, benefiting only the whales at the expense of the rest of the investors.

There is a simple contract wizard in the works that will allow members of Cybershinu to create their own token. It will be possible for the Cybershi community to conduct presales like CYSHI without encountering any difficulties.

As a true decentralized platform, Cybershinu provides its users with complete control over their tokens thanks to its longstanding partnerships with other businesses. It is the company’s hope to use $CYSHI as collateral on a few different platforms. Its long-term goals, which include a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), are to provide people with novel ways to earn extra money.

Finally, Cybershinu NFTS introduces a brand new visual style for the series: pixel art. CyberShinu’s future GameFi projects will benefit greatly from their use, including passive revenue generation, and staking, to name a few examples.

There are a number of animal rescue organizations and no-kill humane groups that will benefit from Cybershinu’s small charitable fund. All of Cybershinu’s funding comes from the generosity of its supporters. In the future, the Cybershi’s hope to establish a non-profit humane organization that will help those in need financially.

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