What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Better Call Saul’

The debut date for the final season of Better Call Saul has been announced. Well, both of them. They have broken the season up into two sections, but there is only a couple months between them. Don’t sweat it. This won’t be like the end of Breaking Bad, when the final season was really two seasons by a different name, probably for legal reasons.

That means it’s time to either brush up on Better Call Saul, or to watch it for the first time. Hey, a lot of people got into Breaking Bad by bingeing it before the final season. Better Call Saul could get the same love.

Now, Better Call Saul isn’t as good as Breaking Bad, but it’s a really good show. Bob Odenkirk stars as Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman, a lawyer of dubious ethics. The former comedic actor has shown he can handle drama. Plus, the supporting cast is quite good, even if they never quite figured out what to do with Jonathan Banks as Mike.

If you have never watched the show, I say start from the beginning. You’ll need to see the journey. For brushing up, I’d say you probably just need to watch the last two seasons. The current storylines have little, if anything, to do with the beginning of the show. That’s enough to refresh your memory.

Better Call Saul is available on Netflix. The sixth season debuts on AMC on April 18. You have a few weekends to do your bingeing to get ready. Finger guns.

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