One of a Kind Persian Jewish Dating App by Arash Barmaan

Helping People Finding Love With No Hassle

Marriage is the union of two people. It is a union like no other. Having a life partner is like having a teammate when we face life’s challenges together. Having a marriage provides two people with social standing, stability, and respect, which in turn forms the basis for a healthy family and society. In some communities, there are certain preferences in this regard, like the Persian Jewish community. And it makes finding the right partner a bit tricky. Proposing a viable solution to this pressing concern, entrepreneur Arash Barmaan came up with Boos. Arash Barmaan is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, sports enthusiast and most of all, a problem-solver!

Facilitating Marriage

Boos is the first and only Persian Jewish dating app in the world. Araash is all about bringing the Persian Jewish community closer to marriage. He is focussing on matchmaking for the Persian Jewish community. His services are beneficial to people of all races and ethnicities who want to date in the Persian Jewish community. The sole purpose of the company is to help the Persian-Jewish community get married faster than ever before so they won’t have to wait too long in their late 30s or 40s just to get married.

Getting Married Early in 2022

Arash is a firm believer that whenever you have found the right person and you both are ready to get married then there should be no more social or financial barrier between your marriage. One or both of you finishing college and starting a career might mean years and years of separate lives. Together you will learn more about each other as you go through career changes, family issues, and other problems. These experiences might become cherished memories. In one report, it says both women and men have good chances of having a successful marriage when they are in their mid-20s. People who marry in their twenties have a better chance of flourishing than those in their thirties and forties.

Getting Ahold of Your Finances

You may postpone marriage to get a firm hold on your career and make some good money, but you may end up earning less. Couples who get married in their twenties have a greater chance of accumulating wealth. There will be a balance after the expenses and incomes are shared. Reaching your housing and financial goals faster will be easier.

Breaking the Taboo

Persian-Jewish couples are sometimes strict about who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. They prefer to get married to anyone who is Jewish in particular and not necessarily Persian. Having said that, there are very few individuals in the population and community who have engaged in forbidden and taboo relationships and marriages; it is truly up to you as to how you live your life. Many have also converted in order to fulfill and ensure a new life-long adventure with their partners. This makes Boos an even more considerable option since it gives the community members a chance to find the partner within their religious and social parameters.

The Boos iOS App

Boos is based on an original and unique concept. It has never been done before. While there are already dating applications for both the Persian and Jewish communities, Boos is the only dating application that is available to both Persians and Jews. Currently, Boos mobile application and Boos dating website are the only places to access the services.The Android application version will be available very soon too, as he and his team are currently working on it.

VIP Slots at Boos

In terms of paid in-app services, Boos will offer a VIP (Very Important Persian) membership, where users will be able to use many of the premium options and features as per their liking.

Boos for Everyone

While Boos is primarily targeted to the Persian-Jewish community and population, it does not exclude anyone else who may wish to download this app. All users can download Boos for free, no matter what their gender, race, or ethnicity might be.

Arash’s Background

Arash Barmaan was born in Los Angeles. Like other middle eastern parents, his parents hoped that he would grow up to be a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. Arash, on the other hand, had a passion for basketball and wanted to become an NBA player.

The Struggle

In high school he played basketball because that was what he wanted to do. Nevertheless, after being removed from the high school basketball team for racist reasons, he decided to work hard and make it in the Santa Monica College men’s basketball team. It wasn’t easy to find spots for tryouts since many of them were reserved for recruits and returning team members. But Arash didn’t give up. His belief that he still had a chance led him to play overseas and later try out for the NBA as this would increase his chances of becoming a professional basketball player. He believed that this career would best suit his future.

Exploring New Avenues

He was not in a good position since all odds were against him. He would not be able to achieve success as a player because of his genetic background and origin. He would be even more exhausted and beaten up when he retires if he did so. As a result of all these events, he changed his direction. As well as being a basketball player, he aspired to become a CEO. After some research and thorough thinking, he came up with his own entrepreneurial venture, BOOS, which is an online dating app for Persian-Jewish community. Currently, Arash is transferring to the University of Miami to complete his degree in sports administration. He is also keeping up with his business alongside.

Take-Home Thoughts

According to virtually every social scientist’s metric, married people enjoy a better quality of life than unmarried or divorced people: they live longer, healthier, happier, and have more money. Women and men who are married are less likely to suffer from violence, including domestic violence. Plus, it just makes one’s life so much more pleasant and wonderful. Arash realized his dream of facilitating marriage for the Persian Jewish community in the form of Boos. But he is not stopping here, as he plans to further expand his operations and take it one step further. Make sure to follow him on social media, 2022 is going to be way more eventful as he strives to achieve more!

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