Meet Desmond: The Fashion Designer Behind Dominate

While the fashion industry thrives on trends, some designers stand out for their originality and uniqueness. Dominate is one such brand and the brainchild of Desmond, a designer who has pinned all his hopes on the young and vibrant millennials of today. But what makes him unique and not like other designers?

Dominate is a fashion startup that’s changing the way people buy clothes. As a millennial himself, Desmond understands what the young, urban client is looking for. Using his experiences and those of his closest friends, he has created a solution he believes will solve many challenges in the fashion industry. His brand is a mixture of both cutting-edge fashion and simple user experience that will excite many clients.

Millennials spend most of their time on the internet and that’s where Desmond has taken his brand. Clients only need to log into their social media accounts to get in touch with Desmond and start their journey to owning a great wardrobe. They’ll get sneak peeks into Desmond’s creative process, order merchandise, and interact with other fans at the click of a button. A client can also talk with Desmond directly through his own social platforms.

Desmond’s long-term goal is to build a powerful community of like-minded trendsetters across the globe. Dominate as a brand is the product of community and relationships that Desmond has forged over the years. In fact, the business wouldn’t exist today if his friends hadn’t supported him right from the start. Though Desmond knew he could design outstanding outfits, he didn’t have the resources to actualize his dreams.

With his friends’ help, Desmond was able to kick start the project with proper printing and marketing. Gradually, he built a supportive community and gained other business partners that believed in his vision. Together they have now made Dominate a promising up-and-coming fashion brand ready to take over the fashion industry in NYC and beyond.

One word defines Desmond’s work: quality. For him, fashion is about having fun with what you wear and feeling good. He continually works hard to improve his designs and gives his clients products they are proud to wear. Though he’s just establishing himself in the industry, his products speak for themselves. Dominate has some of the highest quality products suitable for a wide demographic. Desmond’s pipeline is full of creative designs he’s planning to unveil soon.

Competitive as the industry is, Desmond knows his hard work distinguishes him from other designers. Hard work and the determination to succeed have helped him beat the odds and make his mark in the industry. Now he is using the same drive to organize several events that will cement Dominate’s position in the market. Desmond plans to use those events as a launchpad for bigger things.

His ultimate goal is to move past the borders of NYC and become one of the top brands in the world. Desmond admits that it is a grand ambition, but says Dominate was once a dream too. He believes that there’s nothing he can’t accomplish as long as he keeps the dream alive and works hard to achieve it. As his brand name suggests, Desmond is out to Dominate.

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