Andrew KL Yeoh’s “Plasma Thoughts” is a fun time no matter where you listen to it from

“Plasma Thoughts” is really beyond our expectations. Andrew KL Yeoh’s new hit has rocketed him to popularity, firmly establishing him as one of the genre’s most significant musicians. The rest of the world must keep a careful eye on him.

Andrew’s most recent EP includes three songs: “Plasma Thoughts,” “Continuum,” and “Continuum.” Each song focuses on a distinct facet of a person’s emotional condition. Because of the unique sounds, it’s no wonder that you’ll want to listen to each song multiple times.

Andrew’s tracks combine a wide range of sounds that don’t appear to be capable of producing anything significant on their own. He makes songs and beats that make people want to get up and dance. However, after you hear it, you’ll realize there’s no other way the sounds could have been blended. Andrew’s musical ability and expertise may be shown in his works.

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