Top 10 Canopy Tents Arranged by Size Perfect for Events Big & Small!

One reason why custom canopy tents are always in vogue is that they are available in a number of different sizes. When it comes to events, size is a major criterion. Customisation is the keyword here.

Smaller, more intimate events with few invitees require a smaller custom canopy for obvious reasons.  Larger gatherings for weddings and business meetings are occasions when you will need larger tents.

Printed tents are manufactured by a number of recognisable names in Australia. The demand for these shelters is significant, and the market is rapidly expanding. In a way, the Covid pandemic has also affected this specific niche as hospitals and nursing centres were overwhelmed by the surge in numbers of admissions.

Thankfully, that critical phase has now passed, and lockdowns are receding in numbers.

If you are planning an event and are looking for custom tent options, here are the top 10 sizes that will come in handy!

The top 10 custom canopy tents you can consider

Let us quickly take you through the most common printed canopies which are available throughout Australia and around the world.

  1. 8x8ft: Kicking off this list is the 8×8 feet custom canopy. This is a pretty standard size and is a staple for both outdoor and indoor events. Do not be fooled by their small footprint; they can easily handle small events with panache! When you buy a custom printed tentof this size from such renowned companies like Extreme Canopy you are actually investing in a valuable asset that can be reused for a wide range of occasions.

The canopy used is either made of 500D PVC-coated Polyester or 600D Polyurethane-coated Polyester. In fact, all 10 sizes share similar canopy characteristics. The fabric protects you from the UV rays of the Sun should it be used during daytime.

Furthermore, all printed tents using this type of high-grade canopy will also boast enhanced durability while assuring considerable fire-retardation and waterproofing.

The frame and connectors are made of aluminium and the height can be adjusted. Truss bars and corner connectors are available as well. The 8×8 is a lightweight tent that punches above its weight category.

Oh, and when you procure them from top companies, you also get frame and roof warranty!

  • 2.     10x10ft: This is the next best option you can consider for outdoor gatherings, although you can also use these custom tents indoors if there’s enough space. Ideal for recreation and business meets, these tents sell in humongous numbers throughout Australia.

The 10×10 is widely used globally. It can fit several pieces of furniture, can act as an adjunct catering unit to bigger units, and is big enough to be a portable promotional shelter. Trade fairs, business meets, an organisation’s AGM- these are events where such tents are eminently visible.

  • 10x15ft: The 10×15 printed canopy tents might not seem too different from the previous model, but it certainly provides more space than you would imagine. Expecting a few friends and relatives at your kid’s birthday party or your wedding anniversary? Perhaps a meet-up after months of being forced to stay indoors? After all, Melbourne was the world’s most locked-down city with a combined total of 262 days of stay-at-home orders.

This size is ideal for mini-meetings and promotional events. Compact and smart, you can easily buy one from companies like Extreme Canopy and ask them to print your business’ logo/messages on the canopy.

Such a printed tent will surely add to the appeal of your business promotional activities.

  • 10x20ft: The extra 5 feet of space that this model brings is enough to house a large number of guests. It also provides a lot more real estate for custom printing the canopy for promotional purposes. These are ideal for parties and get-togethers, bringing with them durability and a longer life.

If you are looking for a custom tent which can jazz up any event you have planned, this is the size for you. Like the rest of the models mentioned here, the canopy blocks UV rays, is waterproof and fire retardant.

  • 13x13ft: We are now at that point where we have passed the smaller types and are heading towards the big boys. The 13×13 custom canopy tent is a great addition because it provides enough room while still retaining portability. All the sizes being of equal dimensions also means it is the most symmetrical model in this list of the top 10 tents.

Use this size for its sheer versatility! Besides, you will also notice that its symmetry ensures there is no defined front/rear end. It can be arranged any way you please.

  • 13x20ft: This is one of the bigger custom tents. It is an excellent choice for hosting wedding parties, events where guests can dine both sitting and standing, and you will still find some space left over. Extreme Canopy’ 13×20 model has sturdier hexagonal legs for extra strength.

This is a great model for sporting events including cricket, Australian-Rules Football, Basketball and some more. Players and guests will have ample space to rest or grab a water bottle without haggling for space.

  • 13x26ft: While this size will be able to host almost all of your medium-to-large parties, these tents are most widely used in business promotional activities. You can consider a custom printed canopy to show off your business, your services and products, and a lot more.

 This model can easily accommodate multiple tables and several chairs or settees. Customise the canopy to attract the maximum attention as blank ones are also available from leading manufacturers.

  • 16x16ft: Better known as the 16×16 custom tent, it provides enough space for almost any event you can think of. But these fantastic tents are mostly used for business promotional activities as the canopy can be custom-printed in any manner you wish, standing out amidst a sea of also-rans!
  • 17x17ft: This will not appear to be very different from the 16×16 model, but it certainly provides some advantages which you will realise once you use it. Of late, this particular custom canopy tent has been in demand since they aid hospitals and community health centres by offering easy to set-up shelters for triage and testing.

Theoretically, you can label this model as a frontline warrior against the pandemic as well!

  1. 20x20ft: Finally, we have the ‘Big Boys’ of the world of custom tents. These are extraordinarily hardy, have enough room to pack in everything you have at hand (or almost everything!) and are a superb investment with better ROI.

These heavy-duty tents can weigh up to 140-145 kgs; the frame and roof are weighed separately. It takes a few hands to set them up; once finished, it will be as solid as a house.

This sums up the top 10 sizes of custom canopy tents which are in demand right now. Always purchase any model from reliable and reputed retailers only, and insist on warranties.

Good luck with your next camping trip or business meet!

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