Crystals, what are they for, and how to use them?

The demand for stones and crystals with amazing healing powers has grown so much in the last three years that there is already talk of a great boom. Although little, if any, scientific evidence exists, the wellness industry is keen to extol the benefits of gems for physical and emotional healing.

Thus, such mystical practices occur among its prescribers as filling the gym water bottle with rose quartz and amethyst, with the intention of “adding a dose of healing to training.” Let’s go by parts.

In 2017, the New York Times already announced the crystal fever. A year later the British Magazine Hello! It was talking about the biggest health and wellness trend of the year. Now, just look at Instagram to witness the furor. The hashtags #crystals (crystals) and #healingcrystals (healing crystals) add up to millions of publications.

Crystals are a tool, able to help us focus and amplify our energy. But, like any tool, they need our intention and action to work. Their use was first popularized in the West in the 1970s.

So they were the things that the hippies had borrowed from Eastern medicinal philosophies. Today, the interest in their purchase can rival that generated by the latest Gucci design. Some people believe that the crystals conduct ambient energy, like miniature control towers that pick up signals and channel them back to the wearer, thus rebalancing evil energies, healing the body and mind.

Before I jump right into the subject of crystals, I want to tell you how I discovered them and how they changed my life.

A few years ago, I had the job I once thought I wanted: international, multicultural, and corporate. But… deep down, I felt that something was missing in my life. At that time, I had the whole corporate look. Very executive, except… for the bracelet I was wearing: made with Moonstone crystals and activated to support me in a new beginning.

As it happens with the stones, I loved the bracelet just seeing it. Before knowing its meaning. It is no coincidence that Moonstone is used as a talisman to discover our life purpose… Just what I needed. Looking back, I fully understand the catalytic effect that the stones had on my path.

Crystals were not only the subject of my first business, but above all, they helped me to energize my efforts.

Now, what are crystals for?

To be honest, I love being in contact with its energy, which is the energy of nature. After a few years in contact with them, I have learned to use them positively and as support to create the life we ​​want to have.

Therefore, here I share 5 simple steps to use them:

1. Choose a crystal. The one you like best for its color and shape. I suggest you to buy from this crystals shop. The shop provides metaphysical tools, stands for crystals, and natural crystal jewelry. You can also get free gifts with every purchase.

2. Cleanse your energy. Leave it for 24 hours on the ground, the garden, or the branches of a plant.

3. Take it in your hands and breathe to relax. Close your eyes and imagine that you are breathing in bright white light.

4. Put intention into it. Continue like this and now imagine how it would feel to live or have what you want to manifest. The more emotion, the more powerful.

5. Open your eyes and use the crystal. You can wear it in jewelry or bring it with you. The more direct contact you have with it, the better.

Nature is wise, use your crystals to improve your life and protect your vibe… Choose energy!

If you have friends or family that come to mind when reading about the subject of crystals, remember to share it with them. Good vibes are contagious.

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