Water Damage Restoration Checklist for Commercial Premises

Discovering water leakages, floods or septic tank bursts in commercial premises is very distressing. A lack of maintenance of the plumbing system may lead to massive building repair bills. However, hiring water damage restoration services is a good idea to complete the mitigation process.

That is why this checklist is handy for commercial building owners.

As soon as you notice a leak, start following the outlined below and protect the building from further damage.

Phase 1: Water Mitigation

The following steps are designed to control the flow of water and ensure complete protection of the property.

Stop the Water Flow

The first step is to stop the flow of water. For this, you need to find out the source of water. Is the damage related to plumbing malfunction or due to some natural causes? Whatever the reason is, please turn off the water from the main valve of the building. However, we understand, it is hard to control if natural disasters cause it. Please call emergency flood restoration servicesfor quick relief.

Turn off Utility Supply

Turning off the utility supply is one of the essential tasks after flood damage. It ensures the safety of the employees. However, it depends on the level of water damage. If you are dealing with a serious flood, then it should be the first step in your flood planning.

Call Your Insurance Agent

The next step is to call the insurance agent and let the company know about the incident. If you do not know the amount of losses, still you should call the agent immediately because most commercial property policies state that you have only 48 hours to do the process. However, gradual damage may not come under insurance, so it will depend on the cause of water damage and the policy of the insurance company.

Contact a Water Damage Restoration Company

Finally, you should hire flood restoration services. A professional team will arrive at your location and take control of the situation. They start the drying process and implement mould remediation. They will also guide you with insurance claims and other aspects of the mitigation process. Experts have faced many situations like this, so only they can guide you in a better way.

Phase 2: Water Damage Cleanup

Once you complete the mitigation phase, you have to start the cleanup. Please note that it is important to document damages related to insurance claims before cleanup. You can take pictures and videos of the damage.

Remove Damaged Items

We understand it is heart-wrenching, but you will get the payout of the damaged items. Please take care of important documents and photographs because you could not get the value of the items.

Now prepare a list of the items you want to restore and replace. Start with drying out soft surfaces like carpets, rugs, curtains, upholstery.

It is tough to set the direction of cleaning, so we have included step by

Step guidance in our checklist.

Water Extraction

Professionals use special equipment to extract water from carpets. After that, they take other items for extraction. Besides that, they cut holes in the drywall to ventilate the moisture and throw away wet insulation. That is why you need professional services for the best guidance.

Start Drying Process

The dry out process takes weeks or months. Experts use blowers, fans, and dehumidifiers to dry the area. If the damage is minor, it might not take a couple of days. 

Phase 3: Restore the Area

After drying, it is time to do some minor fixes because the building has suffered some structural damage. It includes:

  • Leakages from roof
  • Wood rot or mold
  • Shifting soil
  • Rusted building components
  • Repair windows, doors or electrical equipment.

Please implement the flood planning or continue your business remotely, and go back to normal schedule only after professionals complete their job.

Phase 4: Request Claims

Many commercial property owners want to cover their repairing costs under their insurance claims. An experienced water damage restoration services provider understands it and manages its services accordingly.

We hope that this checklist helps you understand the water extraction process; please ensure your provider is following this for the best result. 

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