EdbMails OST to PST software for professionals: Review Guide


To be precise, EdbMails OST to PST converter tool is a simple program designed solely to convert OST files to Outlook PST files. Additionally, the window interface structure used to display data from the OST file is outstanding and user-friendly, allowing for easy separation of email messages from contacts, calendar events, and tasks. As a result, every IT administrator and Outlook user should have access to this tool.


Microsoft Outlook remains a popular email software in professional and business settings despite the fact that many people prefer using Gmail for their email needs. Using Outlook instead along with an internal on-premise Exchange server gives businesses more options for storing and backing up their email data locally. As a result, when we add an email account to Outlook for Windows 10, 7, or earlier versions and download emails, they are also saved locally on our PC. We can access our Outlook emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks even if we don’t have an internet connection, as we’ll see shortly. 

Microsoft Outlook keeps all of your email account’s data in an Outlook data file called OST, which can be accessed offline. As a result, even if you are not connected to the internet, you can still read emails, make changes to even or even save drafts. The OST file on your local PC contains a copy of your Exchange server mailbox.

The need for a specialized OST to PST software

However, why would you need a software like EdbMails to convert OST to PST when the OST already contains everything and can be found on your system? Yes, your entire email account is stored in an OST file, but as many Outlook users are aware, you cannot simply duplicate this file and open it on another machine. Suppose if Outlook or Exchange Server crashed and you didn’t have a PST backup of your mailbox, you’d still need to convert it to a PST or other formats in order to recover your emails.

Microsoft Outlook creates an OST automatically to save offline copies of data, whereas it is the user who creates a PST to have a user-friendly backup that can be restored not just in Outlook but also in other supported mail clients.

We can’t simply copy our email data and start using it with any other email client; this is not the same as backing up and restoring data. We need sophisticated tools like EdbMails OST to PST converter tool to accomplish this.

EdbMails is a well-known brand when it comes to data recovery, email restoration, and converter solutions. Aside from the OST to PST Converter Tool, the application includes a slew of other useful software tools. IT and Exchange Administrators can use EdbMails to easily convert an OST file to a PST file, avoiding manual methods that fail when the OST file becomes inaccessible or disconnected.

Who is in need of EdbMails OST to PST software

Anyone who wants to restore OST data can use the OST converter software, but in general, the conversion from OST to PST is even more required particularly when MS Outlook fails to open the OST file. In previous versions of Outlook, this could happen more frequently if the Exchange server failed, Outlook was stopped prematurely, or there were hardware faults, malware attacks or faulty updates. In the end, the conversion was usually required. Emails in OST files that have been deleted can also be recovered by converting them to PST files. To understand how this software works, let’s first have a look at some of its features:

Features and Capabilities of EdbMails OST to PST converter

  1. This software can convert large OST files offline even if Outlook or Exchange Server is down.
  2. Using this tool’s accurate conversion and data extraction functions, you can easily convert OST to PST files with a breeze.
  3. EdbMails OST to PST converter can recover mailbox data while retaining the original Date, From, To, Subject, Attachments intact.
  4. Recover and convert encrypted OST file data without needing any keys.
  5. EdbMails’ allows exporting mailbox data in PST, HTML, EML and MHT formats. By converting to HTML or MHT, you can open the mails in any browser.
  6. The software can import OST files directly into Office 365.
  7. The PST file can be split into chunks of customized sizes, while retaining the original mailbox data structure.
  8. With the Corporate and Technical Editions of the software, you can install it on multiple PC’s and also in multiple locations respectively.
  9. This software works with both older and newer versions of Outlook such as 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.
  10. There is a free demo version of the software that allows you to test the conversion process and all of its features.

EdbMails System Requirements

  1. Pentium 32 or 64-bit 1GHz Processor
  2. Operating System : Windows 10, 11, 8.1, 8, 7, and XP
  3. Windows Server Version: Works on all Windows Server versions
  4. RAM and Memory Requirements: 512 MB minimum, 4GB recommended

EdbMails OST to PST Converter Software Setup

Is it necessary for me to show you how to install Windows software? I seriously doubt it. The EdbMails OST converter software functions similarly to any other Microsoft executable software. If anyone is still interested in the steps for installing this OST conversion software, here they are.

Step 1: Getting started with EdbMails Converter for OST is as simple as visiting the official website and clicking the EdbMails converter for OST Free download button.

Step 2: Double-click the downloaded EdbMails Setup.exe file and follow the wizard’s instructions. In only a few minutes, the installation will be completed on your computer.

Step 3: When it asks for confirmation, you can modify the default installation path, which is the C: Drive on your PC or laptop. After that, all you have to do is click Install and the software will be installed on your computer.

EdbMails Converter’s user interface and instructions for converting OST to PST

So, how do you get all of your inbox emails and other data from the OST file in a readable format? Continue reading to learn the detailed steps for successfully completing the conversion.


EdbMails’s OST to PST converter has a clean, uncluttered interface that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. The different options are at hand’s reach and can teach even a complete newbie how to use it effectively. Having the ability to do more than just convert OST files is quite helpful if you have a large number of them.

Browsing the OST file

You will be prompted to Browse or Find the OST file you wish to convert as soon as the software is launched. If you already know where the OST file is located on your computer, you can just click on the Browse option and choose it. In contrast, if you don’t, the OST will be stored usually in the C: Drive or the location where you set up your Outlook email client. As a result, all you have to do is select the location and let the program handle the rest.

Recovery and Conversion

When you input the OST file into the software, it immediately recovers all of the contents and displays them in a neatly organized manner. In this screen, you can select the various mail contents, sort them using different tabs, or use the filter options to select only the mail items you require. You have three options at the bottom: Export to Outlook PST, Migrate to Office 365, and Live Exchange. Choose the one that best meets your needs and begin the conversion or import process. The conversion procedure is then simple to follow and contains no extraneous features; the procedure’s start and progress window will be visible on your screen.

Completion of the Conversion

You’ll get a notification from the EdbMails OST converter once the conversion is complete. With this information, you can now import the file’s contents into Microsoft Outlook (if you have chosen the PST export option) and start looking through your emails and other stored information. A log file details the entire conversion process along with the mails and folders that have been converted.

The software’s user-friendly interface is, in my opinion, its most appealing feature. Take a look at it for yourself, and you’ll notice that it has the same look and feel as Outlook, making it easy for users to relate with the tools they’re already familiar with.

A quick glance at my Outlook inbox reveals that the left section displays a tree of mail folders, another displaying the contents of each of those folders (the middle section), and a third displaying the message body of a single selected email. As a result, you can view all of your emails in EdbMails software in the same format as Outlook.

Support for multiple file formats

As I said in the features section, the software supports a variety of file formats. When you right click on the individual mail items you will be presented with a variety of file types and a location where you can save them. The different file formats are HTML, EML and MHT.


In 2021, we used a standard desktop PC with a dual-core pentium processor and 4GB of RAM, as well as a clean installation of Windows 10. The OST file was approximately 700 MB in size, and the software took approximately 5-7 minutes to convert it to PST. In fact, very quickly. Yes, depending on the data and writing speeds of your hard drive, storing the converted files may take some time.

After using and testing the software, I’ve concluded that it’s a great choice for converting OST files to PST files. It’s a bonus that we get what we do, and not just because the conversion process is simple. To scroll through all of your emails, the classic Outlook interface is used. Also, having the ability to recover and preview all the mail contents with EdbMails free trial solution is very useful.

Comparison with the manual Outlook method of conversion

There are also free or built-in tools in Outlook 2019 or Office 365 that can be used for one-time conversions but such as a one-time conversion out of the blue. This is due to the fact that the manual method of converting from Outlook requires you to have a healthy OST file that is easily accessible. When you consider the cost-benefit ratio of EdbMails Converter, you will find that it is well worth the price for all of the features it provides and the time it saves you. As a result, IT administrators and businesses that deal with Outlook file issues on a regular basis will find the premium product very useful and reasonably priced.


EdbMails lifetime license plans begin at $39 for the software’s Personal Edition. The product is available in three editions: Personal Edition, Corporate Edition, Premium Edition, and Technical Edition. The Personal Edition is ideal for personal and home use. When compared to the Personal Edition, the Corporate and Technical editions provide a number of additional features, such as the ability to install on multiple computers and in multiple locations. Both of these versions also support direct OST import into Office 365 or live Exchange. A Bundle package is also available, which allows you to use EDB+OST+PST recovery and conversion options. It is strongly recommended to visit the official website for the most up-to-date license plans and other discount offers.


  1. Can recover large OST file within minutes
  2. Displays all the contents in a neatly organized format
  3. Tool’s familiarity with MS Outlook’s interface
  4. Free Trial Version allows you to test all the features
  5. Multiple file format conversion and direct import to Office 365
  6. Free Product Demonstration to learn how the software works


  1. The log file is a text based format
  2. Scheduler function is yet to be implemented

Summarizing in a nutshell

EdbMails OST converter software is a simple, lightweight application that lives up to its name. Furthermore, the user interface is excellent and reminds users of Microsoft Outlook, allowing for easy viewing of email messages from calendar events, contacts, and tasks. Every administrator and Outlook user should have access to this tool in order to quickly resolve any OST file issues. In terms of pricing, EdbMails software is very affordable for its extensive feature set and also allows you to directly migrate to Office 365. The various pricing plans are tailored to different users so that anyone, whether a home user or an IT administrator from a large corporate firm, can use it. Unlike other tools, the free version allows you to test all of the features without time constraints. Overall, it is a 5 star product due to its ease of use, accessibility, interface, and utility at an affordable price.

Along with OST recovery and conversion, we’d like to introduce another fantastic product if you’re looking for a way to manage email signatures and disclaimers for your entire organization. One such web-based solution is Sigsync centralized Office 365 email signatures, which can assist you in adding professionally looking signatures for your entire company. It is simple to roll out signature updates in minutes without having to manually change each one. It also includes a full-featured signature editor with an eye-catching collection of free signature templates that you can use and customize as needed. If you want to learn more, click on the link provided above.

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