Bruce Sudano and his beloved cat Honey are back in brand new single “Fatal Love”

Given his lengthy record of accomplishments — working with Tommy James; rocking with Alive N Kickin’ and Brooklyn Dreams; writing hit songs for Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, and Dolly Parton; and founding the Purple Heart Recording Company, to name just a few — you might expect Bruce Sudano to take his work very seriously. And that he does: when he’s composing with a guitar in his hand, he’s absolutely committed to the quest for the perfect melody, the sharpest hook, and the most expressive lyric. His stunning music video for the summer 2021 single “In Shadowland,” with its themes of longing, adventure, mortality, and release reinforced that impression.

But there’s a playful side to Sudano, too, and it’s never too far from the surface. His pop-rock Superman persona isn’t entirely fictional — he really is a man of stunning talents — but he’s more than willing to play it for laughs, too. His prior clip for the breezy, effortlessly catchy “It Don’t Take Much (Because I Do)” introduced the world to one of his very best friends: Honey the Cat, a black and white feline whose small size belies her fierce attitude. In the animated clip for “Fatal Love,” his latest single, Honey is back, leaving no doubt that she’s running the show.

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Seeking out the best new music. Now and forever.


Seeking out the best new music. Now and forever.

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