Actor Jake Gyllenhaal Set for Speedboat Crime Caper “Cut & Run”

When you sit down and ponder the dearth of movies that barely exist – or don’t exist at all, to be more apt – dealing with characters and their love of speedboats (or at least movies that prominently feature said speedboat), the pickings are meager, at best: Live and Let Die, Puppet on a Chain, Madison, FaceOff, Moonraker, Pain and Gain, Tequila Sunrise, Gator, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Striking Distance come to mind after some serious thinking, but when compared to films which lovingly spotlight racing cars, this is a meager list indeed. That rather small inventory of speedboat flicks is at least going to receive one more member in its hallowed and exclusive club, according to our friends over at The Hollywood Reporter and it’s got an A-list actor coming along for the ride…

  Jake Gyllenhaal has officially signed up for acting and producing honors the upcoming film Cut & Run from production shingle New Republic which is overseen by partners Brian Oliver and Bradley Fischer.

 Cut & Run was written on spec by scribe John Glenn of Eagle Eye fame and is described thusly in the promotion materials: “A group of thieves using high-powered speedboats to rob superyachts steal the wrong thing from the wrong group of people; Que the ominous music, Ladies and Gents.

The new film was won by New Republic in a so-called competitive situation and will allow Gyllenhaal to flex his behind-the-scenes muscle as a producer through his production house Nine Stories Production. Producing Cut & Run alongside the Zodiac star will be Brian Oliver, Bradley Fischer and John Glenn.

New Republic and Gyllenhaal’s Nine Stories have strong ties to one another via the upcoming Michael Bay flick Ambulance, which Gyllenhaal also stars in. On top of that, the two powerhouse houses are also joining forces on an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s (The Walking Dead) comic book Oblivion Song.

The addition of Gyllenhaal to Cut & Run instantly elevates what could be a standard potboiler into something with a little more style and panache; the actor consistently brings the goods to such challenging parts in films such as Brokeback Mountain and Nightcrawler: Expect the unexpected.

 So no longer will the likes of Speed 2: Cruise Control sit lonely and isolated in their dark corner of cinema – Sit tight Gentle Readers and make sure you throw on a life-vest – Cut & Run is cutting a large wake of water your way sometime in 2022, early 2023!

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