Different Types Of Cakes For Birthday Celebrations

Every birthday celebration is different and deserves to be celebrated over a cake because the baked delicacies are an integral part of birthdays. Hustling for finding the best and perfect cake to surprise someone on their birthday is a real thing which ends with simple cream cakes most of the time. That’s why we bring you some different types of cakes that you can try. 

They are beyond normal while keeping the deliciousness intact. 

So, whoever in your contacts is planning to organize a birthday bash, make him/her go through cakes types mentioned below:

Half Birthday Cakes – 

Celebrating 6 month anniversaries got in trend a few years back and now 6 month birth anniversaries are in trend. But a half birthday cake is primarily meant for celebrating a 6-month-old baby kid. And as the name suggests, the half birthday cake is literally half. While the normal birthday cakes are round in shape, a half birthday cake is a semi-sphere. You can also pick a half birthday cake to celebrate a birthday every six months. So, make a unique half change in birthday celebrations!

Birthday Photo Cake – 

Photo cakes need no definition or no intro! Ever since the bakers have developed the skill and technique of printing pictures on edible fondant sheets using edible inks, photo cakes have been people’s favourite. You can pick a specifically clicked picture or a candid one or a photo collage to be printed on the cake. One thing that you need to remember is that the edible fondant sheet has no flavour and is not acceptable to everyone’s taste buds. 

Poster Birthday Cake – 

When something originates, it is likely to witness an upgrade! And that’s what happened with photo cakes which resulted in poster cakes. You can get your photos on the photo cakes whereas poster cakes let you express so much with perfection. As the name suggests, poster cake is so much more than just a photo. These cakes come with pre-designed graphics according to the occasions that you can choose from. You can still choose to personalise poster cakes with names. If you think you have some good graphic-making skills, then create one and get it topped on the cake.

Birthday Party Cake – 

Party, usually, means a gathering of friends and relatives for celebrating a special day. And party cakes are made for large gatherings, unlike simple cakes which can only serve 8 to 10 people. Party cakes remain the choice of people who look for a 1st birthday cake as celebrating the first birthday of a family member is the best celebration. Well, most of the party cakes come in multi-tiers but you can choose to get one baked in a single tier. So, if you are planning to host a party for your kid’s first birthday, order a perfect party cake.

Pinata Cakes For Birthday –

A cake is meant to add excitement to a birthday celebration along with sweetness. Well, Pinata cakes have the absolute capacity to add the excitement of the next level along with a double dose of sweetness. When you order a Pinata cake through cake delivery in noida or wherever you live, you will get a wooden hammer with it. The curiosity is real but let’s burst it right away. The hammer is used to break the hard sugar shell of the Pinata to reveal the cake inside. Pinata cakes are available in shapes of hearts, football, a perfect sphere, basketball, and many more. 

Bomb Cakes – 

Everyone wants a bombastic birthday party and it can be accomplished with perfection through a bomb cake! The bakers are going bonkers with creativeness to make the cakes more fun and celebratory than just being delicious. And this leads to bomb cakes. Purely resembling the name, bomb cakes look like big bombs at first sight. A finely baked cake is hidden inside a mold that looks like a bomb. That mold holds a wick on top which you need to light. And just like firecrackers, the bomb explodes but only to reveal the sweet surprise inside. Having a bomb cake at the party keeps everyone curious as to what type of cake will be inside. 

Cakes Are Love!

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