Weekend Binge Recommendation: ‘Golden Girls’

Betty White couldn’t quite make it to 100. That’s a shame, but living to be 99 is still remarkable, and it seemed like she stayed in relatively good health for a lot of that time. There is no utility to longevity if you are just playing out the stretch, if you are alive just to not be dead. White did not do that. She had an incredible career and is a true legend of television. As such, I am going to recommend her quintessential show for my weekend binge recommendation.

Personally, my favorite work of hers was on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. That, or her appearances on Craig Ferguson’s talk show. However, I cannot deny that Golden Girls will be her primary lasting legacy. That show, about four older ladies living together in Florida, is a beloved sitcom. It had a killer cast. Although, with all due respect to the other three ladies, White was the champion of the bunch.

Golden Girls' episode with blackface scene pulled from Hulu | Page Six

Now, I am not as well-versed in Golden Girls as other big sitcoms. In truth, as a child I happened to see the episode where the ladies have their heads on blocks of ice. I believe it is a dream sequence? Anyway, it totally freaked me out so I eschewed that show as a child, and I watched Rhoda and The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. Of course, as an adult I can handle that.

It’s your typical quippy sitcom about friends. These friends just happen to be senior citizens, which lends itself to some different sorts of jokes. It’s not an all-time favorite of mine, but I do not deny its quality. That’s especially related to the cast. The cast makes the show, and White was a huge part of that. It’s a key part of the legacy of perhaps television’s greatest icon.

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