Ranking Every Episode Of Season 6 Of ‘The Office’

The fifth season of The Office was better than I recalled. Equally good to season four, and only one step down from seasons two and three. Now, though, it’s time to check out the sixth season. Weirdly, this is timing out well, because the Office Ladies podcast is starting the sixth season of their rewatch as well. That podcast is quite popular, so a lot of people will probably be thinking of the sixth season right about now. Even I listen to that podcast, though sometimes I wonder why I’m still doing it.

That’s neither here nor there, though. Time for my own personal rankings of season six of The Office. Let’s see if this is another season that holds up, or if it represents the first dip in the show’s quality.

24. “Mafia”

23. “The Lover”

22. “The Chump”

21. “The Banker”

20. “Body Language”

19. “The Cover-Up”

18. “The Manager and the Salesman”

17. “Sabre”

16. “Double Date”

15. “Koi Pond”

14. “Whistleblower”

13. “The Delivery”

12. “The Meeting”

11. “Gossip”

10. “Secretary’s Day”

9. “St. Patrick’s Day”

8. “Promotion”

7. “New Leads”

6. “Secret Santa”

5. “Scott’s Tots”

4. “Happy Hour”

3. “Niagara”

2. “Shareholder Meeting”


Wow yeah, not since season 10 of The Simpsons have I seen a show dip in quality this much this fact. This is barely a good season of television. There’s a fair amount of bad in here. “Mafia” straight-up sucks. It’s like a bad episode of a sitcom from the ‘60s. Like an I Love Lucy where everybody was phoning it in. Pam, a character I used to really like, is kind of trash throughout this season. “The Lover” is her at her low. All the Sabre stuff isn’t interesting at all. When Michael dates that married woman? That sucks. Andy becomes a worse character. This whole season is a mess.

Honestly, I think maybe only my top-two episodes would I consider really good. The top eight or so qualify as at least good. Otherwise, this is a mediocre season of television. The drop is jarring. Season five didn’t feel like a show running out of ideas. Season six feels like a show that ran out of ideas years ago. I’ve seen shows in the double digits in terms of seasons put up better runs.

After this point, The Office was never the same again. I know it gets even worse. Doing these rankings have made me realize a couple things. One, the first five seasons of this show is on par with any sitcom. Two, after that, it’s a subpar show.

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