Exclusive Interview With Pop, R&B, & Soul Singer-Songwriter Lo’renzo To’rez

Ohio-based pop, r&b, and soul singer-songwriter Lo’renzo To’rez, recently unveiled his latest releases, two spectacular singles “Closing The Door” and “Live Again.” We had a chance to chat with the talented artist about his latest music, upcoming plans, and more!

Hi there Lo’renzo To’rez! We loved listening to your music and want to ask you a bit about it.

Tell us a bit about your hits “Live Again” and “Closing The Door”. What personal significance do they have for you? Wow, both records are just 100% truth very personal and my life situations that I’ve gone through and I’m living and dealing with now it’s so crazy how the records actually go together like a part one and part two it wasn’t intended to be that way as I wrote them things just were happening as I was going through what I was going through In my life, it’s part of being a writer how music just falls in order and in place when creating the music you don’t even realize it, I just was feeling and writing pouring my heart out.

What inspired you to step into the music industry professionally? My brother actually and many huge inspirations growing up like Whitney Houston,Michael and Janet Jackson, Prince,Madonna, George Michael, but watching my brother record music and write with his group really helped make up my mind that this is what I want he taught me and showed me how it works and what goes into recording and writing the work of it, I said yes this is for me meant for me! 

You’ve mentioned in your IG that “music sets you free”. Could you expand on that? Man, yes yes! It definitely does it gets me in a clear open sane head space it really keeps me alive! It’s a true blessing from god! It really picks me up and keeps me going. It’s my savior, it heals me, it’s honestly all I have! Music for me is like my medicine! It’s like A Tylenol for a headache for me! Lol 🙂 

Which one of your works so far are you most proud of and why? Definitely I’d have to say “live again” is a very personal record. Getting that record created and out was very important to me and my mental health. It really helped me a lot getting that out in a record! I was in a storm creating that record I was in a very dark place and it actually was a prayer and me just talking to god being in that dark place and I transformed it into a song, being a writer and artist people need to know the music we create and release it helps us as well it touches and gets us through things too as well as the audience! 

As the year comes to an end, what does 2022 look like for Lo’renzo To’rez in terms of music and releases? Well yes I actually have a new single coming out titled “wicked” it’s kind of a little different from the other records but I’m still telling more of my story and getting my point across, definitely another real raw record can’t wait for the release and for everyone to hear it! 🙂 


Stream Lo’renzo To’rez’ music here

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