Cost EffectiveYetCreative Ways to Reuse Old Baby Garments

Many a times parents have a closet full of old baby garments but not a clue what to do with them. We are going to share some creative ideas of using them. So, the next time you won’t have a box of baby boy dressesstashed away in the basement. For first-time moms there are way too many clothes that you either purchased or received as a present.

As glad as this may sound but babies outgrow quickly leaving those trendy baby frocks of no use. Before you know it, these baby clothes just don’t fit. At times there are clothes with tags attached but no chance of having worn them. Some of the brand new baby garments can be passed onto friends and family. However, old clothes that have been worn hold a sentimental value and it’s not easy to give them away.

Rather than putting baby dress in a big basket and storing them under the staircase in the basement, here are awesome ways to use baby garments into useful items or something significant that you can hold close to your heart. It’s not easy getting rid of baby clothes as they are adorable and you may have so many memories attached to them. But there are plenty of ways to put them into creative uses and look at them from time to time.

Creative Ways to Reuse Outfitters Kids

Trade Baby Girl Dresses

If you wish to give away baby girl dresses due to lack of storage space then consider giving it to friends. They will be more than happy to have it and will think of you highly. You can approach friends who have kids of different ages and give frock or even trade them in at a used children’s clothing store for a credit towards more. These stores offer greater value for store credit when compared with exchanging baby frocks for cash.

Quilt out of Baby Garments

There is a cute baby girl dressesdesignthat you don’t know what to do with. Making a quilt with them is another great way to put them to good use. If you know how to sew then you are in luck. There are plenty of videos and tutorials online that can guide you step by step on how to make a DIY quilt.

Burp Cloths inComfy Towels

Some of those old baby boy dresses can be used as dish towels for cleaning up messes. You can also use them for cleaning pots, pans and even as a cleaning rag. This is a great chance of giving the material a second life and an excellent opportunity to save on those paper towels. We all know what additional expensesare used to use and save the whole problem.

Your Favorite Baby Girl Frock Design Becomes Your Treasured Stuffed Animal

Most infants grow up fast and their body weight doubles within first five months. This leaves parents with many such cute clothes that their little one never got a chance to wear. There is a fantastic way to put such infant clothing to great use. A stuffed animal with all those new baby garments will be cute and cuddly. An adorable way to reuse your little one’s unworn baby garments.

AKeepsake Bear for Memories

If you can sew then this is a brilliant way to reuse old baby garments. Basically baby boy dressesis used to make a patchwork memory bear from pre-loved baby clothes that you can treasure for the rest of your life. When kids grow up they can use it as a sleeping pillow and you can even pass it on to your grand kids.

Memory Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow: A customizable memory foam pillow of your favorite baby clothes will always put a smile on your face..Use baby girl dresses and add to your collection. It will serve as a great reminder of all your memories as a mother.


Reuse baby clothes into Ribbon block

Another creative idea on our list is to repurpose old baby is to turn them into a ribbon block. When kids are a bit older, they will have a fun time playing with it and once they outgrow playing with it, you can save it for your grandkids.

It is very easy to make these. If you know how to sew, then to make it, you need to outgrow baby attire, some ribbon, quilt stuffing, or baby cloth stuffing. There are no hard and fast rules.


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