R&B singer Alli’ Starr releases hypnotizing new single “More”

 It’s a wide-open space, perfect for the projection of fantasies, and Alli’ Starr’s desert scenario is a realization of some of her wildest desires. In the video for “More,” the R&B singer and her female friends have four muscular men blindfolded and bound to stools, entirely at the mercy of the women. (And let’s just say, nobody seems too upset at this arrangement.)

The imagery in the clip is a logical extension of Alli’ Starr’s persona. She’s a woman in control, bent on personal satisfaction, and determined to get what she wants. Alli’ Starr appears in black, and when she swings around her long braid, she’s the human embodiment of a whip. Then there’s her singing voice, which carries authority even when she’s just telling you her cravings. She’s simultaneously sultry and cool, inviting and commanding – and she always lets you know exactly where she stands.

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