Baby Essentials for an Australian Summer in 2022

First summer with your newborn? From long days at the beach to balmy evening barbeques, an Australian summer is utterly dreamy. If you’ve got a baby in tow for the first time this year, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself (and bub). Keep reading for our top 10 essentials to invest in for an unforgettable summer with a newborn.

10 Best Summer Baby Essentials 

Let us help ensure you’ve got everything you need to make it as stress free as possible. Here’s 10 of our top must-haves.

  1. Swim Nappy

Introducing your baby to the water for the first time? Whether you’re hitting the pool or enjoying long days at the beach, a swim nappy is essential! They’re an eco-friendly, reusable option and help to keep code brown alerts contained. There are lots of brands that make super cute swim nappies, like Baby Beehinds and Pekpi, and come in a range of fun, vibrant colours and patterns.

  1. Baby swimsuit

Once you’ve got your cute reusable swim nappy sorted, we recommend also getting a baby swimsuit. You can definitely use your swim nappy by itself for their bottoms, but we like to invest in a sunsmart rash vest or top covering to protect their skin. Choosing a long-arm rash vest offers extra protection from the harsh Australian sun. Opt for an option with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 40+ for a little more piece of mind during your swim days.

  1. Baby sunhat

Speaking of sun protection, a sunhat is invaluable for a newborn’s first summer (and every summer thereafter!) If you’re heading outdoors this summer, make sure you invest in a broad brimmed protective sunhat. There are a range of beautiful hats for kids from brands like PureBaby, Bed Head and Nature Baby you’re bound to love. We recommend opting for one with elasticised straps that keep their hat secured under the chin so they won’t blow away. Make sure to always choose a hat that provides UPF50+ sun protection.

  1. Ergo Pouch Sleeping Bag

Wondering what to dress your baby in for their first summer? Take the guesswork out by opting for TOG-rated clothing. TOG is essentially a measure that is designed to be safe to wear during different temperatures. For summertime, we recommend the Ergo Pouch 0.3 TOG rated sleeping bag. It’s ultra breathable thanks to being made from organic cotton and will help your child maintain an even temperature whilst sleeping, preventing overheating. The 0.3 TOG Cool Pouch is suitable for room temperatures between 24-26°C.

  1. Travel Changing Mat

Heading away this summer? Or maybe you’re just having a long beach day? Whatever the occasion, we can’t recommend the importance of investing in a travel changing mat! A dirty nappy can strike literally anywhere (and somewhere annoyingly always as soon as you leave the house). Not everywhere has toilets fitted with baby changing tables (especially at the beach), so if you take your own mat with you, you can be rest assured that you’ll always have a safe and clean place for nappy changes. 

  1. Baby Bjorn Air Mesh Carrier

Speaking of going away this summer, have you considered investing in a baby carrier? Sure prams are probably your first thought, but a baby carrier can be a ton more convenient and easier to take on a flight or pack in the car with your suitcases. The best part about a carrier is you can keep your child close and be hands free at the same time. The One Air Carrier from Baby Bjorn is ultra popular and for good reason. Made from breathable mesh, it’s ideal during the summertime and it’s also super comfortable to wear.

  1. Linen Cot Sheets

When it comes to your child’s bedsheets, it’s important to remember that there should be no loose fitting sheets in the crib until your baby is at least six months old. That means you want a tight fitted sheet and something soft and breathable. Linen is our favourite choice when it comes to baby bedding thanks to being hypoallergenic, breathable and ultra comfortable. 

  1. Shnuggle Baby Bath

For a long hot summer where you can’t hit the pool every day, a baby bath makes a great alternative! Fill it up with lukewarm water on a balmy day to give a little relief to bub (plus it makes for a great regular bath too). The Shnuggle baby bath is a great option as it’s super portable, and comfy with a foam back rest for bub. It’s also very practical and comes with an in-built plug making it easy to empty too. 

  1. Baby bathing towel

All that summer swimming time calls for a cute and fluffy baby bath towel! When your little one comes out of the water, they’re going to get cold very fast. Keep them warm with a hooded bath towel. We always opt for a hooded towel for kids given that’s where we lose most of our body heat from first. Nature Baby makes especially cute options with hoods designed to look like a host of adorable animals. 

  1. Purebaby Growsuit

Not sure what to dress your newborn in this summer? You can’t go wrong with a classic growsuit no matter what the season is -it’s a baby wardrobe staple! Perfect for everyday, these suits are ultra comfy and made from an organic cotton elastane blend which is soft and gentle against delicate baby skin. Nappy changes are easy thanks to the two way zip and the suit is designed to stretch and grow as your baby grows for extra comfort.

Ready to start shopping for your baby’s first Aussie summer? Take a look at the curated edit from the memo now for a cool, more organised summer this year.

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