The pieces that made SCtheartist’s heartbroken whole

It was “love at first sound” for SCtheartist that he never let go of since he found his passion for music. His world has been revolving around Hip Hop creating music as young as the age of 16.

SC’s performance at big events in New York captured the attention of some biggest names in the Hip Hop industry. His innate talent brimmed with a passion so it was inevitable for a prodigy like him to mark a name in people’s playlists. He is currently working on his second EP. 

The prodigy’s impulse

The first sound that reached his heart and awoke his inner musician was his best friend’s.

“I heard my best friend rapping one day after school, it looked easy.”

Curiosity brought him to the trial of what he could do without knowing that he would love it so much. And just like how Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Tory Lanez love what they do, SC was also inspired to adopt their melodies and work ethics to his own. 

SC would never miss a single word on his lyrics so he can deliver a genuine and heartfelt message to his listeners. Behind that sad melody that his songs sounded were real-life struggles and lessons. The vibe was chill as a harmony but soul striking as it drives the mind to realizations. 

Hardships were no exemption even for SCtheartist we know today. In his latest release, he actually spoke about his problems with his family and finances. The person he was leaning on left for good and he could not depend on anyone else but himself.

“I had to pick myself up and get out of the slump.

From that heartbreak, he made another masterpiece called “Heartbroke” and is now on his way to the sequel of his first EP, “Life of the Artist”.

Pursue with true inspiration

Nothing can hold back a person who pursues dreams. That’s how SC perceives and wants his fans to perceive.

“Chase your dreams.”

He shared a hack for anyone who also wants to be a musician. Inspirations must be pulled out from what is existent in life because “it sounds better when it’s real.”

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