Ali Ciwanro in an interview with Vents Magazine

Hello, Ali Ciwanro. Greetings and welcome to VENTS! I see you’re building a name for yourself in the music industry as a songwriter.

Can you tell us more about your latest project?

Ali Ciwanro: With pleasure. I work with German artists from time to time, but mainly focus on the American market. I’m currently working with a major artist on his album. That works very well, despite the distance.

Is it better to do creative work in a studio setting with others or to work alone in a private setting?

Ali Ciwanro: When I write deep texts, I like to work alone in a quiet atmosphere. When I write other lyrics, of course one benefits from working together in the studio

Do you ever have to cope with criticism and doubters because of the large impact of social media critics?

Ali Ciwanro: In my school days, I was criticized very often. Since I’ve been making it out of my neighborhood more and more, I’ve also been criticized much less. All beginnings are hard.

Who would you choose if you could go on tour with any popular industry musician in the near future, and why?

Ali Ciwanro: My dream has always been to connect with Eminem. He has inspired me on many levels regarding my music.

What more can we look forward to from your work in 2021?

Ali Ciwanro: Unfortunately, 2021 is almost over, so there won’t be much more to see of me. In 2022, however, it will go to completely new levels. I have many interesting projects planned. Stay tuned.

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