Marlon Altirs’s “My Love” has fans loving his sound

There are numerous places where the roots of house music can be found. Some believe that Miami is the birthplace of house music because of the many parties that take place there each year. It’s possible that others have a different opinion. “My Love” by Marlon Altirs may let us relive the past, no matter where we are in the world.

An up-and-coming producer known for delivering his followers exactly what they want is Marlon. Everyone is looking for a new perspective on music. Marlon defies convention by showing off his real body. It took some time for the public to warm around to the beauty of “My Love,” which was initially misunderstood.

Musically, “My Love” is a tribute to the original. However, it is not a carbon replica of what has come before; rather, it pays homage to the past while injecting a little of Marlon’s personality into the mix. So it’s fun, engaging, and soothing while still keeping the essence of dancing music.

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