Lukasz Tracz

Let your body move to nowhere of Lukasz Tracz’s new single “Same Old”

Have you ever wished that you could attend a party from the comfort of your own home? As soon as “Same Old” begins to play, you’ll want to dance and party wherever it is being broadcast. As the title suggests, the song is funky and groovy, and it’s been getting a lot of play online.

“Same Old” is a new take on house music. Despite its uniqueness, it makes you want to move your body. A tune like this has never been heard before in EDM. Unlike the great majority of music, it’s not like this. For Lukasz Tracz, this provides a distinct advantage over his competition.

This track was co-produced by Rumor Records and Lukasz Tracz. With “Same Old,” they performed an excellent job. In addition, they helped produce Lukasz Tracz’s debut EP and two additional tracks, and other projects. Because of this relationship, we were able to create some fascinating tracks.

Listen to “Same Old” below:

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