Common Intercom Repair Issues & Solving Tips

Intercom is that single security system that has been existing in the majority of residential places all around the world. From audio to video intercom systems, the drastic advancement in this equipment with time has made life much easier for everyone.

This security equipment comprises valuable functions that make it an asset for residential security or any commercial/industrial building. Most probably, with intercoms, you can’t let strangers or unwanted guests enter your place; you’ll know who is outside your home or roaming around your gate for any reason. 

Regarding the utmost concern for security in Surrey, BC; the place listed among the top dangerous cities for car theft, and being known as “Gang Land,” the latest intercoms not only provides the best security but also save time and proves highly valuable if anyone in vicinity asks for urgent help.

 On the flip side, regardless of providing great security functions, intercom systems have a few cons, which are highly noticed while inspecting intercom repair. Are you also among those who face the same issues during intercom repair at Surrey? If yes, then you might find something helpful for you here.

 Below, we’re going to discuss the common intercom repair issues, along with an easy solution.


Static is among the most common intercom repair issues among other ones listed below. However, the Static is heard from the microphone or speaker due to notable causes, including;

  • Interference
  • Short circuit or power overload
  • A bad connection developed due to old parts of the intercom system
  • Any technical damage or faults in the intercom system like a loose wire or lousy switch

The other possible reason behind Static could be the poor or disrupted power connection. Any problem with the power connection can also result in causing static throughout the system. Or this could be a sight of a more significant issue as well.

At times, a power overload or a shorting can also cause a Static in case if it’s not repaired; this can also result in significant damage to the system. If you ever notice static within your intercom system, it’s time to hire an intercom repair expert.

Power Supply failure

A power supply failure is another possible issue for malfunctioning of an intercom system and thus can easily interpret your intercom system not working at all. What happens is, power failure sends the warning signs at the beginning either through static or humming sound. 

Power failure is among the bigger issues that can generate other difficulties, for instance, static in intercoms. Not only intercom but power failure can be the reason for the malfunctioning of any other security system. 

Never compromise on security when requiring even a minor repair for security systems in Surrey, BC.

Humming Noise

How often do you hear humming noises while using your intercom system? Well, humming noises usually occur due to a wrong connection or faulty wire. Or, this could be a sign of something worse. This warns of an issue that needs to repair at its earliest.  

As assumed before that humming noise might occur due to faulty wire and wrong connection, so faulty wiring can be harmful for your intercom system and the building in which the intercom is used. Thus, there’s no point ignoring humming voices until it invites any significant risk.

Before the problem gets worse, prompt repair is a must for resolving the issue.

Helpful Tips to Resolve These Common Repair Issues

Before you approach any professional to handle intercom issues, why not try these simple tips to try resolving it first yourself? Check out the information to reduce the repair issues;

– Go through the troubleshooting guide in your intercom system’s manual for directions on any occurring issue.

– To get rid of the intercom humming sound, you can also look at the interference from other appliances such as; fluorescent light switches and dimmers. Or check by switching off lights and other equipment to determine the humming sound and catch the primary source.

The initial precautionary step you can take for faulty wiring is to use a screwdriver to remove the intercom casing, so you can quickly assess the state of inside wiring. Take a close look at wiring and ensure it is inserted well with the intercom button. If you find heavy dust or dirt, then clean it with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol for quick removal.

It can also be possible that the adapter unit might not be plugged in correctly, or a defective power socket has been used

– Check out the power indicator on the system is ignited or not. If not, then check the plug. Try changing the socket or adequately plug in the adapter unit to fix it. If it also didn’t work, then perhaps loose wiring may be the problem.

Let’s Conclude With a Final Solution!

Every security system has different functions, and so each system needs a proper diagnosis and a considerable part of fixing issues, be it; intercom / CCTV repair. The best way to address any repair for a security system in Surrey, BC, is to contact a professional intercom repair company. 

BH Security System takes pride in helping clients with the best repair services across British Columbia. We’re a company with years of experience repairing all types of security systems. Drop your query today if you require any intercom repair assistance or are having issues with your intercom and other security systems.

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