5 Tips by Eric Castellano to All Instagram Influencers

Social media influencing culture has become very popular in recent years. Eric Castellano, being an integral part of this culture, is a well-accomplished and popular Instagram influencer. He is an inspiration for people who aim to achieve success in life and has a following of 80.1k people on Instagram who watch his videos to learn about his strategies for Amazon business.

Eric’s secret to success is his dedication and passion for business. He began his company from nothing and built it into one of the largest third-party companies on Amazon through his hard work and effort. His humble and compassionate nature has led him to become a great Instagram influencer.

So, here are 5 tips Eric gives to all Instagram Influencers to grow their brands:

1. Make Authentic Content

The setback about social media is that it is hard for people to find authentic influencers. Many influencers only work for the sake of making money and getting deals with sponsors. This compromises their authenticity and they eventually lose their popularity with time.

Eric advises people to make authentic content that can help people. When you make authentic content, people will be more interested in you and your words. You will have more loyal followers as well.

2. Focus on your Niche

Once you have selected a niche, you have to make sure you stick to that niche. If you do not have a fixed niche, your social media presence can be affected negatively.

Eric says your posts should align well with your niche so that you can gain authenticity and popularity in a certain niche. Post photos, videos, and stories based on your niche.

3. Engage with your Followers

Interaction and engagement are important when you are an influencer. Respecting opinions, supporting people, and replying to people is good because people feel a sense of pride in them that they are being given attention.

Based on Eric’s experience as an influencer, you can gain more followers that are loyal and engage with your content so that they can promote your social media with others through word of mouth.

4. Quality over Quantity

You have achieved half of the success already if you focus on the quality of your post. An Instagram influencer’s aim should be to post something that sparks interest to make the user click on your profile instantly. That is only possible if you post engaging quality content. Eric is of the opinion that you should look at quality over quantity.

5. Use the right hashtags

If you are new to Instagram, you might not get any followers at all unless you pay to post an advertisement for your page. You might gain followers through ads and promotion, but only for a short time. To keep yourself authentic, Eric advises using the right hashtags.

People follow hashtags that interest them. When you use hashtags, your post becomes more prominent and noteworthy for the user.

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