How To Know Some Of The Top Characteristics Of A Good Lawyer

In a highly competitive market like this, it is more than necessary to know the characteristics of a good lawyer from Sequoia Legal lawyers and develop them throughout your professional career. If you thought that, to act as a lawyer, you only had to concentrate on knowing by heart the premises of the Constitution or the Penal Code of the country, you need to read this article. In it, we’ll cover characteristics of a good lawyer to gain client loyalty, gain market share and build a reputation for respect in the legal world.

Characteristics Of A Good Lawyer

To be a good law professional, you need to put some critical characteristics beyond technical knowledge. Here are 8 elements of a good lawyer.

1. Deep Knowledge

In the introduction, we already gave this tip: legal knowledge must go far beyond academic chairs. Knowing laws and doctrines is an essential requirement for exercising a profession. To stand out, you need to go further.

So, if you are interested in a career, know that, after graduation, there will still be a long way to go. In this case, we are talking about specializations, open courses, lectures, and opportunities to delve into the subject of most significant interest. In this way, it is possible to develop the ability to analyze the same issue from different perspectives.

Another point that deserves attention is the use of data in law firms. Considering the amount of data, we have access to today and the ability of technology to cross it to get answers, it would be wasteful not to use it.

2. Fluid And Effective Communication

Another characteristic of a good lawyer concerns his ability to express himself. In addition to ensuring success in the processes it monitors, good communication makes it possible to establish a relationship of trust and transparency with its customers. There is also a leap of the cat in this tip: mastering the so-called legalese is essential, but knowing how to speak clearly and express what you want to say is even more.

However, don’t worry if you don’t have the gift of fluid communication but want to follow the correct paths. The market offers a series of courses and training focused on developing oratory and body language; some of them focused exclusively on the legal environment. Aiming to improve communication between lawyer and client, we highlight Visual Law, a tool that aims to facilitate understanding by the client, contributing to a positive experience.

3. Strategic Vision

The work of a good lawyer is never focused on the case being served. In addition, it is necessary to consider numerous external factors to practice the profession with a strategic vision and logical planning capacity. If your objective is to undertake and open an office, for example, the strategic vision takes on an even more essential air. In this case, it is necessary to include in-depth market research, with:

  • competitive analysis;
  • evaluation of consumer behavior;
  • study of factors influencing the success or failure of similar initiatives.

An important point to keep in mind here is that it is essential to work with achievable goals and objectives in line with reality regardless of your professional choice as a lawyer. And this is only possible with the construction of an efficient strategy.

4. Ethical Behavior

In line with what American lawyer Henry Drinker says in his article “The Ethical Lawyer,” published in 1954, a lawyer does not behave ethically simply by obeying the Laws. Nor is this simply because he fails to engage in behavior for which the Court or an ethics committee could reprimand him.

A lawyer from Sequoia Legal lawyers must be considered ethical precisely when his good conduct goes beyond what the rules dictate, becoming intrinsic to his professional training and his character.

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