Car Insurance in Switzerland

A Guide to Change Car Insurance In Switzerland

If you drive a car in Switzerland, you must get car insurance every year. The charges may be expensive or cheap, depending on where you live. But how can you change car insurance in Switzerland? Even though you come across insurance brokers eager to assist you in getting the most incredible bargain on premiums at the time of policy acquisition, it is always a good idea to conduct your homework before selecting a policy.

It is common for consumers to stick with their current coverage for convenience regarding vehicle insurance renewals. However, before you do so, be sure you’ve looked into all of your possibilities. You might be able to get insurance that provides more excellent coverage at a lower cost; don’t pass up this chance!

What to consider

Check your existing insurance coverage to determine whether you may cancel it. The General Conditions of Insurance frequently include cancellation terms and dates (GCI). When canceling a contract, you must adhere to the required notification time found in your insurance policy.

When can you change car insurance in Switzerland? 

The contract may be canceled at the expiration of the agreement or agreed or legally stated. The insurance year if a length of insurance of at least one year gets arranged. If you have committed to an insurance duration of more than three years, you have the option to cancel it or not renew it at the end of the third or each consecutive year.

You have the choice of bearing out a new insurance contract for your new car, even with a different insurance provider, if you change automobiles. You can get a refund for the premiums you didn’t utilize on your former coverage. 

When a business changes hands, the current liability insurance’s rights and liabilities get transferred to the new owner. After taking over ownership, the new owner has 14 days to terminate the coverage. When a new motor license is given based on proof of insurance from another firm, liability insurance expires.

The contract is in effect for the period specified in your insurance. If the agreement doesn’t get terminated by that date, it is generally automatically extended for another year. The general insurance conditions provide detailed information.


If you have acquired or imported a car, you will need to present proof of third-party vehicle liability insurance to receive Swiss license plates for your vehicle. Most Swiss insurance firms offer this coverage, which covers harm to third parties. It is optional to get insurance to cover damage to your car.

 Semi-comprehensive and completely comprehensive coverage is available in addition to the necessary third-party liability car insurance. Semi-comprehensive insurance often covers theft and damage caused by vandalism, fire, hail, storms, and collisions with animals. All additional damage to your car gets covered by comprehensive insurance.

How to change insurances companies

According to industry experts, you should consider switching insurance companies every three years.

Comparing coverage is the first step in finding the best insurance plan. You may compare auto insurance policies from numerous insurers in the market for free on several unbiased financial websites. Make the most of this opportunity!

Before choosing a coverage, research the insurer and learn about their claims settlement statistics. You may also learn more about the insurer’s client service. So, just because an insurance provider gives you cheaper coverage, don’t join up with them. You should select a company with a full track record and reputation in the field.

Purchasing the bare minimum of insurance will keep you on the right side of the law. However, The possibility that it won’t effectively safeguard you in the event of an accident is quite prevalent. As a result, obtain the most comprehensive coverage you can afford.

If you decide to change insurers, notify your existing insurance provider in writing; this ensures that your current insurance provider does not continue to charge you for the coverage.

Disadvantages of changing insurance companies

The following are some of the drawbacks of switching insurers:

Some insurance providers provide loyalty discounts, which you will lose if you switch.

You may miss out on bundling discounts if you have additional insurance plans with your current insurer.

It might require a little time to build a trusting connection with your new insurance provider. As a result, you should balance the benefits and drawbacks of shaming insurers before making a choice.

Finally, with so many different auto insurance packages on the market, sticking with just one may not be the best decision. Premiums change from year to year. Thus the best auto insurance for you will change as well. An auto insurance transfer is likely to result in lower premiums as long as you keep a good driving record, give your insurer enough notice, and prevent gaps in coverage.

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