2 Simple Solutions for Getting Baby to Sleep

As parents to newborns, almost all of us are confronted with the unenviable task of teaching our babies to sleep. An important method for getting your baby to sleep can be achieved by keeping using a sleep chart. Some parents might find this task tough as it involves getting up at ungodly hours to document the sleep and waking patterns of your baby every night. It is important to note that this solution requires consistency and diligence. The sleep chart will allow parents to understand their child’s sleep patterns and nip any sleep inconsistencies in the bud before it really becomes a problem later on. It also shows parents if the baby is getting enough sleep.

There are primarily two solutions out there that are prescribed to parents.

The Ferber Method (Crying method)

Start your routine with a bath, followed by a bedtime story or Lullaby while you rock the baby. The next step involves putting the baby to sleep whilst still awake as this is critical in teaching the baby to fall asleep without aids. He recommends using his technique if your baby is 6 months or older. Also make sure that the baby’s room is quiet, comfortable, and warm and switch off any televisions or radios in the house. As soon as you put her in bed, leave the room immediately. If she cries, resist checking on her until after a specified amount of time has passed. Upon returning to her room, soothe by talking to her but avoid picking her up, rocking her, or feeding her. As the baby becomes accustomed to this, check up on her less frequently. After carrying out this method for about a week, the baby will learn that her crying will earn her a brief check-up and will give up the idea completely. This will ultimately teach her to fall asleep on her own.

The No-Cry Sleep Solution

This technique requires soothing your baby when he/she needs you until they learn to Lullaby Sleep Aid on their own. The idea is to have to soothe them less and less over time. Soothe by the crib without touching, then soothe at the door of the baby’s room until your baby doesn’t need to be soothed anymore. You want to reassure your baby that you’re there, but you still want to encourage sleeping. This method is perfect for parents who can’t handle their baby crying.

Getting a baby to sleep can be taxing on parents and I hope these methods will assist you in achieving your ultimate goal(getting sleep). While both methods work, ultimately you as the parent need to choose the one that suits your parenting style.

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