How Max Gloeckner Found His Niche in Healy Devices

“What do you truly love? Go back to your childhood where things were limitless. If anything is possible, what is it that you love?”

This is the question posed by Max Gloeckner, founding member of Healy World. He has come a long way from his childhood home in Freiburg, a small German city, to the current success he holds working with the Healy device to change his clients’ lives. 

Why Max Wanted to Find His Own Way in the Business World

At a young age, he found himself going in and out of seven different schools. Many are of the opinion that the current global education system doesn’t foster children’s talents and instead maps out a single, linear path for everyone to follow. Max, too, believed that the traditional school system didn’t work to his advantage. But despite his doubts, Gloeckner still thrived and finished high school.

He then went on to join the German army for a year. It was during that time that he started to nurture important qualities, such as reliability and discipline.

However, it was during this time too when he realized that he wasn’t keen on having a career that entailed constantly following somebody else’s orders. He wanted to call his own shots.

Taking the Leap in Search for Adventure

Despite the quiet murmurs in his heart, Gloeckner didn’t immediately pack his bags and set off in search of the success he currently holds.

Gloeckner dabbled in several jobs to support his future plans of going to university. He worked in warehouses, as a clerk in supermarkets, as a delivery driver and a cleaner before he was able to afford university. Although he dreamed of furthering his education in a big, vibrant city, he found himself studying in Furtwangen: a humble, beautiful village.

Still, he dreamed of the big city often. He wanted to meet the world; he wanted to hold new experiences in the palm of his hand. He wanted to grow.

The Art of Being Courageous

A year into his studies, a friend who had returned from his backpacking travels told Gloeckner about a decent paying job cleaning trucks in Australia’s Port Hedland, which was a mining city. He was inspired to travel to Port Hedland with said friend in the hopes that they would earn both money and fresh experiences. However, their plans didn’t go very smoothly. Because they were backpackers, prospective employers assumed Gloeckner and his friend simply wanted to earn money for a short amount of time before taking off. Despite Gloeckner’s constant reassurance that this was not their intention, they were still rejected. 

In the end, they were finally employed by Fortescue Metals Group. Gloeckner found that laboring in the mines was tough, uncomfortable work. “We stayed in desert camps for months since we didn’t have a home to fly out to,” he said. “But we were truly happy for this time: [there was] so much adventure, the unknown, growth, new experiences, and freedom.”

It was this hunch of his to leave his comfort zone that changed Gloeckner’s perspective of the world.

Gloeckner added, “Looking back, this one, big change was the best decision I have ever made. It made me realize that if you aren’t exactly where you want to be or if you’re not doing what you want to do – change!”

Breaching New Borders Every Day

After his time in Australia, he traveled to Indonesia and Thailand. His time in Southeast Asia brought him more experiences. Most notably, his time in Bangkok brought much vibrance to his life.

Gloeckner eventually returned to Germany in 2010. He decided to pursue his interest in real estate. Despite the fact that the industry provided him with the opportunity to work with people and garner investments, he still glanced back to his traveling days from time to time.

“I was missing the world, missing the new and unknown.”

He later decided to get an education in the city he fell in love with: Bangkok. He majored in entrepreneurship, after which he dabbled in several businesses that involved webshops, farmlands, fashion, and real estate. He settled on real estate and built his own agency.

“I never picked up my transcript from university,” Gloeckner shockingly confessed. “I learned soft skills, language, and culture, and I made contacts. That was all I needed because I knew I would never apply for any job with my mediocre transcript.”

His real estate agency in Bangkok was built together with his ex-girlfriend. And although their business flourished, Gloeckner felt that he was missing something essential. He began to realize that he become someone else, someone he couldn’t recognize. His lifestyle – centered on the chase for money, status, and false joys – no longer made him truly happy.

Finally, he broke up with his girlfriend. The difficult breakup eventually caused his business to spiral, and he eventually lost ownership of the agency. Gloeckner was left with little to nothing. He was back to square one all over again.

Not the End of Max Gloeckner’s Success Story

Gloeckner began to realize that chasing money and status wasn’t what he wanted to do. Instead, he had always gravitated towards the spiritual aspect of life.

It so happened that, in an attempt to get back on his feet by researching business ideas, he stumbled upon the Healy device. The Healy device popularly works as an FDA-approved microcurrent medical device that essentially sends frequencies to relieve pain and soreness. Gloeckner thought he had hit the jackpot: he’d found another source of income.

But this meant so much more to him than he initially thought.

“What I actually manifested into my life was the answer to the emptiness and the understanding of life in general. [I understood that] we are energy fields with bodies. Everything is energy – including us.”

Welcome to the Era of Healy Devices

Currently, Gloeckner works with Healy World to open new doors for his clients. He credits his success to the inspiration given at a young age by his hard-working single mother, as well as his supportive, driven older brother.

If Gloeckner hadn’t taken a chance and left his home in search of adventure, perhaps he wouldn’t have ended up where he is now. He calls out for everyone to break free from the lives and routines they hate and instead pursue their passions.

“We should seek growth, not comfort,” he advised. “The money will always follow the value. We mostly give value in the things we love, and which we’re good at.”

Even when things get tough, persevere. To follow one’s heart is to be true to one’s ideals and goals. Gloeckner’s story is a testament to this fact, and he now lives a life of financial freedom to do the very same thing: to follow his heart.

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