7 Ways to Protect your Company from Cyber Attacks

When it comes to running a company, most of the attention is driven towards sales & marketing. But in this Internet age, the area of cybersecurity deserves more. No future business can thrive on retail methods, and everything is transitioning to online e-commerce.

If you’re new to the concept of cybercrimes, this guide is for you. Everything from “What is a VPN” to “developing backups and recoveries” is elaborated properly. Let’s get started with the 7 ways to protect your company from cyber-attacks. 

7 Ways to Protect your Company from Cyber Attacks

No matter which online company you run, everybody is at risk of hackers who prey on weak security measures. To make sure you stand strong against the evil gremlins of the internet, you need the best practices of cybersecurity.So, there is a need to discuss the concern of cyber-attacks and your role as a company owner.

1.      Use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an external network that is supervised by the company, giving employees a dedicated private space. It keeps them safe from all hackers and cyber threats. It is like a network of their own, which keeps no call log, and the work stays under one network. 

VPNs are the privacy kings, and they have wider use among streamers. In a nutshell, the VPN hides your IP address, maintains your anonymity, and keeps no data log. It is best for secure activities like business transactions, confidential e-mails, finance account dealing, etc. 

Out of the many VPN options, we list five of the best for you. Based on their packages, you can decide which one is best for your company. They are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Cyber Ghost 
  4. IP Vanish
  5. TrueVPN

2.      Educate the Staff

Your organization may be running different domains like Sales, HR, Marketing, Legal, etc. Amidst them all, you also have a dedicated IT team on call and available for your needs. However, it is important to train and equip your staff with the right knowledge. 

Some employees tend to be over-smart and do uncompromisable edits on their work laptops. For example, one might click on a harmful ad or disable a firewall for downloading an external application. It can result in a big loss to the company in terms of data.

The best practice is to have a dedicated cybersecurity team and run webinars and training on basic level security protocols. When the staff is educated on this, they become more aware of the value of data and information. It is also a confidence-building exercise for employees who wish to serve the company long-term.

3.      Backup Data and Develop Recovery Points

One of the most common cyber-attack organizations encounters is called ransomware. As the name suggests, hackers demand ransom from the user after acquiring all their data and putting it in a password-protected folder. They release the password of the information after receiving the ransom. 

To ensure that you’re not a victim of this, one of the best practices can perform a backup of data and develop recovery points. You must perform backup on a secure server so that if you do encounter ransomware, it has nothing that you haven’t already saved. Also, the practice of developing recovery points should be done once a week or month. 

4.      Develop Employee Personal Accounts

Onboarding an employee into your organization is just the first step. After the privacy waiver is signed, the employee deserves to get a personal employee account to acquaint the person with your operations. Ensure that none of the company’s activities are done on personal devices or private accounts. 

It helps maintain a check and balance of the employee’s activities and helps the company perform within the bounds of the organization. Giving them personal accounts also empowers them as representatives of the company. This practice can reduce the chances of receiving phishing e-mails and internet scams.  

5.      Stronger Passwords

It is a suggestion to follow whether you’re a company or not. It is necessary because there is a category of online scams that work on guessing passwords. You may not see it, but a hacker could see your e-mail address and has taken keywords from it to guess your password. 

Generic passwords like a name with a year, or a short name with a number, are outdated and can be guessed on a few tries. Not to mention that the same password is used for all accounts. It is human nature to do so, but periodically you should create a new password and make it strong.  

6.      Use a firewall

One of the most common tools to tackle cyberattacks is a firewall. It is found that people disable it when they try to access free full versions of illegally acquired software. It has resulted in a severe loss of data for users. 

The firewall sets the border between your internet use and malicious cyberattacks. That is why it should never be disabled. 

7.      Software Updates

The final tip for all company men is to update their software regularly. Every upgrade and update is designed to reduce bugs and add more improvements. To ensure your device is equipped with the latest technologies, you should have the most advanced apps and software. 

Companies have designated teams to check for bugs and unexpected crashes. After detecting and resolving, they roll them out as new features so that you don’t go through the trouble. It is mandatory to check for updates daily for security purposes. 


If you own a company, you need to prioritize the security of your company and employees. Beware of the cyber-attacks, promote the VPN connection, and install firewalls to improve your data security. Also check out, how to choose the right VPN.

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