Types of Digital Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

The future of digital marketing is exceptionally bright as we are already in the era of technology. One can argue that there are tens or hundreds of opportunities to be taken advantage in expanding your business influence using digital marketing now that everybody is virtually engaged in the world of digitals. Although traditional method of marketing is existing –flyers, pamphlets, and billboards are a textbook example of it, it is now deemed to be less efficient and is ineffective in catching they eyes of your million audience. The advent of the technology era brought about a revolutionary way of marketing that is five steps above of what is conventional.

To begin with, digital marketing is the promotion of brands in an attempt to connect to prospective customers using the internet, technology, and other forms of digital communication. Its marketing can be done either online or offline and is not limited to email, social media posts, paid google advertisements, text and multimedia messages, and search engine marketing.  As there are so much more to explore about this new marketing strategy, consequently it will open for more doors of opportunities and perhaps leads you to road of success.

In the past decades, digital marketing has proven itself as a vital component for corporate’s overall marketing strategy and chief component for their success. As it comprises of a variety of tools to provide a tailored-fit messages to their intended audience and convert them into high-quality leads.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Well, if you are planning to explore the world of digital marketing and hopes to build your career in this field – it must be your lucky day to stumble in this article, as we will provide you the necessary information you will need to start your journey. Surely at the end of this article, this will help not only those professionals, but it will also transform neophytes and interested yet has no experience individual into well-equipped aspiring digital specialists. 

So, what exactly does a digital marketing specialist do? Basically, experts in digital marketing are people with diverse skills, broad knowledge, have the know-how about subject, and is responsible of promoting the brand, product, and services of the company in the online platform using a multitude of digital marketing tools.  His responsibilities include: designing and overseeing SEO campaign management, analyzing and supervising content and PPC campaigns, and utilizing of social media networks, and coordinate all digital marketing activities.

7 Types of digital marketing

There are several specializations you can choose from within digital marketing. Among the many concentrations, there are seven main types of digital marketing. These types are essentially distinct from each other, and as an expert, you are expected to apply the questions of why you are using digital marketing, and who are the audience you are trying to reach with your marketing efforts so that you can select the appropriate format that is suitable to your objectives.

1. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is all about optimizing your website and content to get your webpages rank higher in the search engine result page. It is a strategy where SEO specialist makes use of keywords, relevant content, and number of quality inbound links to increase the level of user engagement and get it to appear at top of the first result page of search engines. For example, when you keyed in the word “cost segregation calculator” in your search bar, it will lead you to several accounting firms, or web pages that offers cost segregation services that would be beneficial in estimating your federal income tax savings as real estate owner. These webpages are not shown randomly, but rather are ranked depending on how optimized their pages are.

2. Content Marketing

Unlike the traditional marketing or outright broadcasting an advertising message, content marketing involves in creating and distributing content such as texts, picture, multimedia’s, and written materials for free that adds value for your audience. So, if you are trying to promote your team of template creators, then you can make us of content marketing and produce a written material entitled “Top MSL Resume Templates and Examples” to attract your targeted leads and convert them into your regular customers.

3. Social Media Marketing

Driving traffic and establishing your presence through active audience participation and engaging people in discussion online is called social media marketing. True to its name, it makes use of several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube wherein they can constantly update and posts relevant information as means of advertising your activity as an organization. 

4. Pay-per-click marketing

Pay-per-click or PPC is a paid advertising in search engines or social medias to generate more leads. It is usually posting an ad on a platform and paying every time someone clicks on it. An example of this is when a search engine result page shows the results of your entered keywords, we see at the top most part of Google with the tag “Ad” and when they clicked on it, it will generate traffic and the website will pay for it.

 5. Affiliate Marketing

Is a marketing type where a business lets someone promote their products on their behalf. When this promoter succeeded in enticing their audience to purchase the products, they will get a portion of the payment or in other words, they get a commission.

6. Email Marketing

It is said to be the most effective technique albeit it is quite the old school way of promoting a business. Email marketing is simply making use of email and sending promotional messages to your prospects and delivering them compelling campaigns that gives them more value.

7. Mobile Marketing

This is focused on reaching out to a wide range of audience by sending text messages, social media notifications, email, and other mobile applications that offers them a special content and other promotional campaigns that are easily accessible through their mobile phones and tablets. 

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