Scrubs & Secrets: What You’ll Need For a Career in Nursing

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Working as a nurse is an incredibly rewarding career. For many nurses, their work defines who they are; it allows them to show their caring nature and help those in need. There are countless different areas that you can work in as a nurse, depending on your interests and what you have studied. You also have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world and choose from small clinics to large hospitals and different speciality clinics.

Nursing is very diverse and offers those who qualify a seemingly endless list of possibilities. However, regardless of what area, speciality or location you want to work in throughout your nursing career, there are a few essential items that every nurse will need. Having the right tools and equipment will make life much easier when you are working with patients and ensure that you are able to do the very best job possible, no matter where your nursing career takes you. 

Let’s take a closer look at just a few key pieces of kit that every nurse should own. 

The Right Clothing

Nursing is one of those careers where you must wear specific clothing to work every day. You will need a top and scrub pants every day that you are at work. This type of clothing is usually mandatory for nurses. However, scrubs are designed to be comfortable, durable, breathable, lightweight and functional, helping you to perform at your best. 

Comfortable Footwear

When you are working as a nurse, you will typically be on your feet for hours at a time. Nursing is a physical job that requires a lot of walking, standing and moving around as you look after your patients. Having comfortable, lightweight and supportive shoes is crucial in keeping you comfortable and supported throughout the day. Some nurses also choose to wear compression socks on their feet and calves to help reduce fatigue. 

Pair Of Scissors

Having your own set of scissors is very important as a nurse. From removing patient nametags off to cutting bandages, there are countless times that you will use a pair of scissors throughout the average workday. Keeping your scissors in an easy to access pocket of your scrubs is common practice, and many nurses choose to colour code their scissors or label it so that it doesn’t get mixed up with others. 

A Simple Watch

Every nurse needs to have a watch on them at all times. During your shifts, you will need a watch to check a patient’s pulse and blood pressure and keep track of when patients take particular medicines. While there are countless different types of watches out there, you really don’t need anything too fancy. In fact, a simple watch is often more convenient for nurses. Look for a watch that shows the seconds counting down, preferably one that can easily be cleaned or sanitised. 

Notebook And Pen

If you are working at a large clinic or a hospital, you will usually have a meeting with the doctors first thing in the morning. At this meeting, they will typically take you around to meet each patient and tell you what type of care or medication they will need in their treatment. Having a small notebook and pen will help you keep track of everything that you need to do and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks throughout the day. Having a notebook and pen is also useful when you need to take general notes throughout the day, such as an update from a patient that you might need to relay to the doctor or another team member later.

Hand Sanitiser

While most hospitals and medical clinics will have communal hand sanitisers located throughout whatever type of facility you will be working in, it’s always useful to have your own supply. Nursing is a hands-on job and you deal with people that are sick and there is always the possibility that you could pick up a bug or come in contact with some nasty infection. Using hand sanitiser regularly throughout your shift will help to keep you safe and protected. What’s more, it will also give you more peace of mind, allowing you to relax and focus on your work instead of worrying about contracting an illness.

Set Yourself Up For Success In Your Nursing Career

Whether you have been working as a nurse for many years or you are newly qualified, it’s crucial that you have everything that you need to succeed in your role. Nursing can be a stressful job, and sometimes things need to happen fast. Knowing that you always have the right tools at your disposal will ensure that you can react quickly when necessary and be there to help your patients when they need you the most.

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