Exclusive Interview With Quintessentially British Alternative Rock Band Alexis Kings

Quintessentially British alternative rock band Alexis Kings have just recently released their latest single, “Cali Girls,” a magnetic song off their upcoming EP. As best described by the band, “Cali Girls” is a “look into today’s obsession with looks and the pressure of social likability.” Over a funky, cool, feel-good vibe, this trippy song nonetheless sheds a light on one of modern societies’ main issues. We’ve had the chance to chat with Brendan Aherne and Fabio Bocca, the duo behind Alexis Kings, about their latest single, early beginnings, future releases and much more!

Hello Alexis Kings! We love your music and your unique style and we’d love to hear more about it.

Tell us a bit about your history. Your releases go back to 2014; how did the band form and progress?

Fabio: The band started in school with Brendan and ex guitar player Sam. Those guys were writing and gigging through their early 20s and I joined the band a while later. Over the years we’ve toured and wrote songs with different people. For one reason or another & personal issues it is now down to myself and Brendan, and it finally feels right.

How did you come up with the idea for “Cali Girls”? What is the message behind it?

Brendan: The song came from a long list of songs I wrote during lock down. I wanted to write something which epitomizes everything wrong with the way people want to be perceived on social media. There is this new obsession specifically amongst girls, to change the way they look. It’s a modern social pressure which has been brought upon the younger generations by those who are today seen as idols. For me it’s sad, feeling the need to spend all this money to morph into the same person, which inevitably looks terrible.

Are you planning to expand the number of band members in the future?

Fabio : We have friends who play with us live. I think we’re both on such a vibe right now in terms of mindset and workflow, and we really noticed that in the studio. Before It was almost like a “too many chefs spoil the broth” situation. We both know exactly what we want and are trying to achieve so between us and our producer Brett, it’s easy to get those ideas out. We don’t really have any plans to expand the band right now, but if it does happen it will be because it felt right.

Your EP Squire has over 1 million streams. Which song of the EP would you say is your most favorite one and why?

Fabio: My personal favorite from that EP is Squire. Just the fact there was so much hype around it when it started poppin off. Then we went to Amsterdam to film the music video. It was our first time out of the UK with the band. I have a lot of fond memories from that trip

Brendan: To hit #7 in the UK viral chart from a Demo was a cool moment. Its inspiring to know it can be done off your own back. Squire put us on the map in a lot of ways, but the next set of songs will change the game for us.

What do you love most about your music?

Fabio: Our music has changed a lot over the years but this new set of songs are my favorite by far. Me and Brendan have varying tastes in music and there’s lots of stuff I enjoy which he’s not into, so the fact I can work those influences into our songs is really refreshing for me. It’s a little nod to my favorite bands and I hope other people listening to the songs can hear that.

Where would you say is the band headed? Are there any exciting plans you can share with fans?

Brendan: We’ve always been confident in our music & feel its inevitable that we will get exactly where we need to be. We could write a book on bad luck but we’re not interested in excuses.

Right now we’re just blessed to be in a position to have a handful of very strong tunes ready to go. On one of the upcoming releases, Cosmo, we have the legend that is Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes featuring. He was the first artist that I ever saw live and I’ve alway been a huge fan of his music, so it’s special for me and he’s killed it.

What achievement in the industry are you most proud of?

Fabio: I tend not to reflect on what we’ve achieved already. I think it’s important to always march forward and not get comfortable. I’m sure one day I’ll look back and be proud of everything we’ve done but right now I feel like I’ve got tunnel vision and all I can see is what’s ahead of us.

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