We Wish For A ‘Daria’ Christmas

A lot of shows have done Christmas episodes. In particular, comedies almost always do Christmas episodes. However, “almost” is used as a qualifier there for a reason. Not every show has done a Christmas episode. You know which show I feel like we really missed out on having a Christmas episode? That would be Daria.

Granted, Daria wasn’t big on holiday episodes in general. In a way, Christmas does pop up on the MTV cartoon. There’s an episode called “Depth Takes a Holiday,” which is weird. It’s a maybe non-canonical episode where Daria meets the embodiments of different holidays. Also, it’s my least-favorite episode, because it’s just strange and off. One of the holidays embodied is Christmas. That’s the extent of there being a “Christmas” episode of Daria, though.

Having Daria, Jane, and company experiencing and “celebrating” the holidays would have been great, though. Jake could have been all stressed out. Quinn would have asked for a million things. And, of course, Daria would have been cynical and quippy the whole time. Daria’s sensibilities would have blended well with a comedic Christmas episode. They could have even done a special. Daria did “Is it Fall Yet?” and “Is it College Yet?.” Maybe we could have gotten “Is Christmas Break Over Yet?” as well.

Alas, Daria never gifted us with a true-blue Christmas episode. We got a musical episode, but no Christmas episode. Plus, the biggest mention of Christmas in an episode of the show is in the worst one, one that breaks the reality of the show. We’ll never get a Daria Christmas episode now, unfortunately. We can only dream of what it might have been like.

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